After more than a year of construction work, students got their first look at the brand-new Marshfield Junior High last week.

One week before school was scheduled to open, the first students began wandering the halls, finding classrooms and checking on their lockers as the school opened to let students and parents see the finished product.

Well ... almost finished.

Even with classes starting a week away, there was still some final work going on inside. The gymnasium, which will host PE classes and volleyball and basketball games, still had some of the final floor to be put in place. But even with workers still on site, the school was ready for students.

Principal Floyd Montiel greeted the students as they arrived, suggesting they find their classrooms and lockers, and urging students to ensure the know how to open their lockers before the first day of school.

Montiel and the school staff then got out of the way and let students and parents wander around at their own pace.

The new school was made possible by the Coos Bay BEST Bond, which was approved by voters in 2017 for $59.9 million.

The new junior high is three levels, with the first level mostly for officers, the gym and cafeteria. The second and third floors are where students will spend most of their time, with classrooms filling the purple and gold halls.

Located right next to Marshfield High School, the new junior high will provide a safe school with state-of-the art technology for seventh and eighth graders.

Seventh graders were scheduled to attend classes for the first time Tuesday, with eighth graders coming in Wednesday. The two grades will be together for the first time Thursday.


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