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Ryan Stallings_Eagle Scout

Ryan Stallings

Ryan Stallings, the son of Eric and Melissa Stallings, started his scouting career as a cub scout in North Bend in the fifth grade. As a cub scout he earned the Arrow of Light, the highest award in the cub scouting program. He then joined Boy Scout Troop 156 in North Bend where he took part in numerous boy scout camp outs, including several week long camp outs and troop community service projects. He served in a number of leadership positions within the troop including as a patrol leader and the senior patrol leader. He earned a total of 31 merit badges, 10 more than required to earn the Eagle Scout Award.

For his Eagle Scout project Ryan restored the garden at the Madison Elementary School. Completing the project required 29 hours of Ryan’s time as well as the assistance of 35 helpers for an additional 145 hours. He earned his Eagle Scout Award, as well as the bronze and gold palms, on November 12, 2018.

Ryan is currently a senior at North Bend High School, where he has been on the honor role as well as participating in each the honor, symphonic, jazz and marching bands for all four years. The band has earned second place in the state for two years, as well as the state championship for one of the years. In addition to the band program, Ryan has also been on the high school golf team.

On completion of high school he plans on attending either Oregon State University or The Institute of Technology in the mechanical engineering program.

The following short story is how Ryan answered the question, "what does scouting mean to you?"

"Scouting means everything to me. Starting early on as a tiger cub in the Cub Scout program, I quickly learned how special the scouting program really is. Now as an Eagle Scout, I can truly appreciate everything that scouting was able to offer me. Through scouting I had the pleasure to learn so many valuable skills and gain so many experiences that someone who isn't a Boy Scout would have the opportunity to get. It's through the Boy Scouts of America that I've been shown how to go through adversity, make tough decisions, and how to be a proven leader in society. It doesn't stop there. The Boy Scouts of America prepares this new generation of men like me to be successful members of society and how to take on what life will throw at us. I am thankful for what the Boy Scouts of America does for our communities, and can say I am very proud to have been through the program to the end."

"As I said earlier, scouting has provided me with numerous skills that I will take advantage of in my life. By going on my troops campouts, I've learned skills such as cooking, first-aid, and survival skills. Outside of campouts and at troop meetings, I've learned skills such as leadership, team building, and financial development. Not every skill I've learned in scouting will I use in my post scouting life, but being exposed to a diverse set of skills has been very helpful, and I will always be grateful to scouting for that."

"By far my favorite part of scouting is the experiences I have had over the years. I've done many cool things that the average person my age has not been able to do. I've gone on long hikes, white water rafting, snow camping, rock climbing, horse back riding, and so much more. Additionally, I've had the experience and opportunity to be very active in my community, and to be a helpful member of the community. I participated in numerous community service projects such as collecting food for the hungry, doing scouting for food, participating in the United Way Day of Caring by doing yard work for the community members that are not able to go out and do it themselves, and given volunteer hours to other scouts and my own Eagle project. These experiences are what I think are the most important aspects of scouting, going out and doing all sorts of activities. The experience I have had through scouting are what I will remember most, and I am thankful for being exposed to them."

"Before a Boy Scout can become an Eagle Scout, he must put together a service project that is designed to help the community. The community I served was the students and staff at Madison Elementary School. My task for this community was to update and improve the deteriorating wooden bordered garden bed of the school garden, remove unwanted vegetation along the garden, and design and build a mobile message board for garden updates and announcements. The garden contained a separate gardening bed for each class to use and learn from. The condition that these beds were in was sub-par and made it difficult for their intended use. I lead a team of people to update the old wood garden beds with the superior cinder block beds. This largely improved the quality of look and use of the beds for this school to have. In addition, I built and put together a design for a wooden message board for the garden. It's my hope that it will put together a small community within the community of Madison Elementary. This garden will hopefully be enjoyed and used to its full potential by the students and staff at Madison Elementary for many years to come."

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