COQUILLE — A small fire occurred Thursday afternoon at Roseburg Forest Products in Coquille.

According to fire officials, the fire involved a Wagner log loader, a large vehicle used for moving logs. It is unknown why the loader caught fire.

Coquille Fire Department responded with two engines and a water truck. Myrtle Point Fire Department also responded. It took crews about 45 minutes to put it out. Willy Burris, Assistant Fire Chief at MPFD said there was no damage to the wood or surrounding log yard, but that there was extensive damage to the vehicle.

The fire was relatively small, considering its location. There was no lost inventory, according to fire officials, with the possible exception of the vehicle itself. The fire did not spread.

There were no injuries to employees or fire personnel.

CFD Firefighter Sam Flaherty said he was “just glad everyone’s safe.”

Roseburg Forest Products’ Corporate Communications Director, Rebecca Taylor, expressed gratitude for the help from fire agencies. “We always support the assistance from our local fire department and we appreciate them coming out,” she said.

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