COOS BAY — Road work projects are being started, completed and continued all across Coos Bay.

There are currently three main projects being worked on, including the Eastside Safe Routes to School, the Fourth Street Rehabilitation Project and 10 asphalt maintenance projects located at 10 different locations.

Work initially started on the Eastside Safe Routes to School project in April when storm drains and sidewalks were added to the area. Monday marked off a new period of the project that will be diverting traffic until the end of July. For this portion project, traffic will be limited to one lane along Sixth Street. Cross streets between H Street and D Street will not be able to enter onto Sixth Street. Drivers will be rerouted to Ninth Street.

The project is focused on improving and implementing sidewalks, storm infrastructure and crosswalks along Sixth Street from the Isthmus Slough Bridge to D Street and is scheduled to be completely finished by December.

“The construction crew will take all precautions and necessary actions to minimize the disturbance to surrounding residents and vehicles. The contractor will work with the residents to ensure safe entry and exiting during the road closure. However, they will experience delays. Drivers and pedestrians are advised to please exercise caution within the construction zone,” read a post from the City of Coos Bay.

The Fourth Street project will begin on June 29 and extend into mid-July.

“The overall project will address public safety issues as well as upgrade the traffic signals,” the city stated. “… mid-block pedestrian crossings added to the right of way to ensure public safety, near Bennett Avenue.”

Crews will begin staging equipment starting next Monday.

Repairs to 10 different sections of road are also being completed. The Coos Bay City Council approved funds for $632,390 of street repair and overlay projects with funds from the transportation utility fee that is paid on water bills.

The areas selected were based on a number of factors.

“They’re based on what we call our pavement condition index, PCI,” said Coos Bay Public Works Director Jim Hossley.

“The city had all of its streets evaluated about five years ago. At that time it rated the asphalt and so going by the lowest ranked streets we kind of look at those. If we have enough money to do them we put them on the list. We also try to get them throughout different parts of the city and not just confine them to one area of the city.”

Repairs will be worked on select portions of I Street, Merchant Street, 19th Street, S. 11th Street, Park Avenue, Underwood, N. 10th, N. Marple, Kentucky Avenue and Koosbay Boulevard.

Knife River Construction will be completing each of these projects.

Reporter Zachary Silva can be reached at 541-266-6036 or by email at


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