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COOS BAY — Who is paying for Coos Bay city mayoral candidate Mark Daily's radio advertising?

The answer, according to a spokeswoman for the elections division of the Oregon Secretary of State's Office, is unclear.

On Oct. 20, Daily called the division to report a radio show and spot ads being run on behalf of his political campaign, Daily For Mayor. Daily said he "doesn't know who it is, the radio station won't tell him who it is. They told him he doesn't need to worry about it because of independent expenditures," spokeswoman Molly Woon said.

In other words, a third party, such as a political action committee, was likely buying the ads on Daily's behalf, Woon said.

That information contradicts statements by both Daily and John Hunt, CEO of Hunt Broadcasting and The Wave 105.9 FM, the station running Daily's political ads.

In a Facebook post on his campaign page addressing The World's previous reporting of his lack of campaign finance filings, Daily wrote that, "Having never spent more than the minimum on an election, the state elections finance people have helped me on how to report. I have told them about my radio show and ads and as it stands I am not required to report those items."

In an email sent on Oct. 20, Hunt wrote, "The Mark Daily Paid Political show started on Thursday Oct. 6th, 2016 and he has paid $125 per show and is the same rate offered for every person running. The spot rate per political ad is $9 per ad and is the same rate offered for every person running for any office at any level."

However, when called on Friday and asked who was paying for Daily's ads, Hunt took a different approach.

"The reality is, I don't have to give you information," Hunt said, in contradiction to both FCC rules and National Association of Broadcasters guidelines. "The next step at this point is to subpoena me."

Daily, a city councilor whose term is expiring, is running in a three-way mayoral race against the incumbent Crystal Shoji and the former mayor Joe Benetti.

Daily has been an outspoken advocate of handing ownership of the Coos Bay wastewater treatment plants to DB Western, a global firm owned by Dennis Beetham.

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