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The following couples have filed for marriage licenses at the clerk’s office at the Coos County Courthouse in Coquille:

  • Gary Hand and Leanda Sky
  • Daniel Jacobson and Charlottee Aubrey
  • Rica Wojtalewicz and Kelly Rathbun
  • Erik Jones and Samantha Jones
  • Roy Clark Jr. and Suzette Hubbell
  • Oliva Simon Toribio and Moises Denova Calles
  • Scott Hayman Jr. and Rosemarie Ann Cruz
  • Bryant Pierson and Shawna Sebree
  • George Trott and Myrna Barnes
  • Ronald Shilts and Ashley McCullough
  • Kelly Stastny and Mariah Schweitzer
  • Cynthia Stark and Dennis Magee
  • Perry Olson and Terri Coggle
  • Barbara Ross and Elizabeth Perkins
  • Daniel Bennett and Violetta Cappadony
  • Brison Boatman and Raven Johnson
  • Billy Middleton and Melanie Albrecht
  • David Bamber and Ruth Marshall
  • Jose Berntsen and Lisa Morgan-Fereira
  • Richard Jamsgard and Nola Riley
  • Elizabeth Wolff and Steven Holcombe
  • Ray Brown and Jessica Nelson
  • Nicole Seitz and Luis Dominguez
  • Brady Schrader and Lyndzi Robbins
  • Ralph Richmond III and Sharon Gray
  • John Stone and Angelia Thacker
  • Tiffany McCann and Nathan Needham
  • Phillip Scott and Judy Christopherson
  • Haven Davis-Martinez and Dylan Potter
  • Amanda Jackson and Russell Dudley
  • Hoyet Richardson and April Beachy
  • Noah Bullock and Felicia Howser
  • Michael Dalton and Lisa Wildman
  • Randal Logan and Constance Nemec
  • Lee Puschel and Britteny Schlem
  • Lingy Koch and Harley Gordineer
  • Lynn Sutton and Sondra Clement
  • Brandy Gray and Marcus Schofield
  • Rachell Swenson and Adrienne Swenson
  • Stacy Tate Jr. and Ann Simon
  • Joesph Peak and Sharon Robinson
  • Carey Gaskins IV and Alisha Martin-Exner
  • Katherine Leonard and Michael Lyons
  • Donald Hanson and Iva Hanley
  • Victoria Hanks and Mathew Casto
  • Todd Masot and Karen McClure
  • Christa Hoss and Gregory Watson
  • Carl Faris and Bonnie Bolle
  • Frank Gaswint and Jiehai Xiang
  • Robert Maroney and Deborah Thormod
  • Michael Peredetto and Cheryl Amling
  • Slimane Lahouel and Debra Jenks
  • Eric Quijada and Tiffany Younce
  • Carl Isaacson and Sommer Kelly
  • Joshua Anthony and Stephanie Trost
  • Kyle Lawrence and Megan Worton
  • Jeffrey Spears and Cynthia Crook
  • Tanner Alford and Wanjou Chiang