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COOS COUNTY — Ballots for the City of Powers recall election will be mailed out today, (Feb. 13) and the City of Bandon special election ballots will be mailed out Feb. 20. Allow up to one week for ballots to be received.

Last month, a petition to recall Powers Mayor Robert Kohn and Councilman Jim Clauson was approved after a group of residents claimed the city officials were not governing with the city’s best interest in mind. Kohn has denied the allegations outlined against him in the petition and has previously told The World that he plans on completing his mayoral term. 

Voters in Bandon will also decide on whether or not it will give utility rate-setting authority back to the Bandon City Council. As previously reported in The World, if passed the city’s charter will be amended to once again allow it to set rates without voter consent.

For additional information check out the Coos County Election website at www.co.coos.or.us/elections.

Current election dates:

• Powers City recall election – March 3, 2020

• Bandon City special election – March 10, 2020

Coos County Clerk Debbie Heller announces that as of Jan. 1, voters are no longer required to pay for postage in order to return their voted ballots by mail in Oregon. The State of Oregon is now required to pay for the postage to return voted ballots to their local election office for all elections.

Voters still have the option to return their ballots through their local drop site. If mailing your ballot, keep in mind that it is recommended to mail your ballot no later than five days prior to Election Day. Ballots are required to be received in the Coos County Elections office, or a drop box by 8 p.m. on Election Day in order to be counted. Postmarks are not valid in Oregon.

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