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SOUTH COAST — Nearly 410 members on Douglas Electric Cooperative had power restored Monday.

In a press release, DEC announced that Elkton to Scottsburg has been energized and that crews completed the main transmission line ahead of schedule. However, around 1,329 members are still without power.

“Work continued in other areas across the county, with the exception of London Mountain and Upper Smith River,” the release said. “Road access is still an issue there and consequently keeping us from repairing damage and restoring power.”

DEC lost power momentarily to some of the restored areas after a tree fell against a transmission line in North Country, “slapping wires together,” the release said.

“Members in the Yoncalla, Oakland, Sutherlin areas were affected, but the problem was discovered and power restored shortly after,” the release stated.

The executive director for the American Red Cross, Carisa Hettich, told DEC that the Southwest Oregon Chapter that opened the Elkton shelter is expected to close sooner than anticipated now that Elkton residents are seeing power turned on in their homes.

“She said it was heart-warming to see the community coming together, with members encouraging and helping each other,” the DEC release said. “We look forward to seeing the number of members without power continuing to drop every day. In the meantime, our employees are receiving a great deal of positive feedback from our members, including some still without power. Thank you for that, it is greatly appreciated.”

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