SOUTH COAST — Power has been restored again to the Reston Road area, near Tenmile.

In a Tuesday evening update from Douglas Electric Cooperative, after turning the lights back on after the storm, a driver ran into one of the newly replaced poles. This took down a section of the system.

"Crews were able to repair the damage and restore power (Tuesday) afternoon," stated a press release. "We have not received word on the status of the driver."

In addition to this, a semi snagged a communication wire and dragged a pole down with it, causing a fire in the Yoncalla area on Tuesday morning. The driver was not injured.

Though there were setbacks, DEC said in its recent update that another section was restored. The Larson Road area now has electricity, in addition to other small pockets, bringing the number without power to 1,087 or 12 percent of the DEC system.

"All crews remain and will continue to work in favorable weather conditions (Wednesday) to help those in their 17th day without electricity," the release said.

“It’s important to keep in mind that as the numbers decrease, that translates to individual outages needing to be addressed,” an earlier release pointed out. “In other words, instead of addressing an area that serves 103 members, we are working on areas that maybe serve three … or even one. That process will be slower, but we are still hoping to have the vast majority of our membership back on by the end of this week.”

So far since the storm, DEC has replaced 146 poles, each costing $800 to $1,500. According to Todd Munsey with DEC member services, the last batch shipped in from Reno, Nevada and the shipping cost $1,200 for each. DEC has also had to purchase new fiberglass poles, which cost $3,000 each.

In addition, DEC has replaced 147 crossarms and 221 spans of wire. The wire is 350’ per span, or 14.6 miles of line.

“We are continuing to receive supplies, but have pretty much exhausted the northwest and are reaching beyond,” Munsey wrote to The World. “The number of poles, other equipment and amount of wire will be tallied when this is all over. With the car last night taking out our brand new pole, and the semi this morning … we don’t feel like this is ever going to end.”

It was announced Monday evening that the Elkton to Scottsburg power lines are energized again. Anyone west of Elkton who still doesn’t have power should call DEC’s outage line at 1-888-420-8826.

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