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A Portland man was arrested after a police chase that only ended when the Coos County Sheriff’s Office K-9 officer located the man hiding in brush.

According to a press release from the sheriff’s office, 28-year-old Landon D. Rondema was taken into custody following the events Saturday afternoon.

The incident began just before 1 p.m. when an Oregon State Police trooper located a stolen vehicle in Coos Bay near Highway 101 and Golden Avenue. The trooper called in the information but had to circle the block due to one-way traffic, and when he returned the car was gone.

Deputies with the sheriff’s office as well as officers from other agencies responded to the scene and began looking for the stolen vehicle. A sheriff’s deputy on Highway 42 overhead the call and began heading toward Coos Bay in case the vehicle was driving southbound on Highway 101.

The deputy saw the vehicle driving at a high rate of speed near Coos Sumner Lane and immediately attempted a traffic stop. Rather than stop, the driver fled, leading to a pursuit that reached speeds of 110 mph.

Due to the high rate of speed, the deputy used a “slack” technique while following the car. In the “slack” technique, the pursing deputy backs off about 300 yards to give a suspect opportunity to abandon the vehicle and flee on foot. The goal is to diffuse the pursuit to protect the public.

Ultimately, the technique worked, and the suspect abandoned the vehicle on Highway 101 near Medowhill Road. He then fled on foot into brush on the west side of the highway.

Deputies and officers from the Bandon Police Department and Oregon State Police set up a permiter in the area, and called in Odin, A K-9 deputy with the sheriff’s office.

Odin tracked the suspect about 450 yards before locating him in thick brush and gore. The sheriff’s office said it was Odin’s 103rd successful track. Landon was then taken into custody without further problems.


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