New docks

This summer, the International Port of Coos Bay replaced the launch ramp for recreational vessels, along with 20 dock pods. 

CHARLESTON — This summer the International Port of Coos Bay staff worked with the Oregon State Marine Board and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to replace the launch ramp docks in the Charleston Marina.

Launch ramp docks are used exclusively by recreational fishermen and boaters for temporary moorage on their way out to sea.

"They got the work done really quickly, so that traffic wasn't held up," Fiona Bai with the port said. "The tuna fishermen really like it." 

The old docks were replaced because of issues with dry rot damage. Originally, the port planned to repair the docks, but upon further review it was decided that the docks had reached end of their useful life and needed to be replaced.

The last significant project to improve the docks took place in 2007, repairing concrete on the ramp itself. Prior to that, a significant dock repair project was completed in the 1980s to refurbish the dock structures.

Funding for the project came partially from a Boating Facility Grant given to the port by the Oregon State Marine Board. According to the port, the project cost was around $384,000.

Last month, the Charleston maintenance crew successfully repaired the southernmost launch ramp and floating dock and reinstalled all the sections, once again making it available for recreational boaters. 

Twenty dock pods were replaced. New dock pods were fitted with extruded aluminum, whereas the old dock pods were made with pressure-treated wood. Using aluminum extends the life expectancy of the dock around 40 to 50 years, and also makes the docks more weather resistant, according to the port. 

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