Pinwheels for Peace

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COOS COUNTY —  The 13th annual Pinwheels for Peace 2020 will be held Monday, Sept. 21, in private homes and open gathering spaces. The event is organized by the Human Rights Advocates of Coos County and is held on International Day of Peace.

Pinwheels for Peace is a non-political community project. Peace is not only associated as an opposite from the conflict of wars, it is related to community building, family and peace of mind, according to event organizer Bittin Duggan.

"Our lives have changed due to the pandemic that has wrought our entire planet," Duggan said. "Now more than ever we need peace, healing, harmony and a return to unity and love. Healthy action can keep us safe and protected. Peaceful actions can help us heal."

Participate for peace on Sept. 21 with students from around the world as they take part in an international arts and literacy project, Duggan invited.

Because of COVID this year the HRACC Pinwheels for Peace event is virtual.

"It can be the biggest event ever. Participate in peace," Duggan said. "Turn your isolation into global rehabilitation. Let the spinning pinwheels put messages of peace and healing to flight."

Those participating are asked to take photos of their pinwheel garden and post them on the HRACC Facebook page. 

  • Write uplifting words about "war and peace/tolerance/living in harmony with others.
  • Draw designs and images to express your feelings about peace. 
  • Assemble these pinwheels as instructed on the website.
  • Plant them in your front yards on Monday, Sept. 21.
  • Send pictures to our HRACC Facebook Page to make your stand for Peace.

Pinwheels for Peace is an art installation project started in 2005 by two art teachers: Ann Ayers and Ellen McMillan in Florida as a way for students to express their feelings about what’s going on in the world and in their lives. The first year, groups at over 1,325 locations throughout the world were spinning over 500,000 pinwheels on Sept. 21. In 2018, over 4.5 million pinwheels were spinning in over 3,500 locations, including the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, the Middle East, Africa and South America. 

"Human Rights Advocates of Coos County is inspired by the possibility of peace on earth and peace in our community, starting here with our children in Coos County," Duggan said. "On September 21st keep a lookout for the pinwheels — their spinning in the wind will spread thoughts and feelings about peace throughout our county, the country and the world."

For more information visit http://www.pinwheelsforpeace.com or contact Duggan at 541-217-4095 or


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