Poster Reveal

Artists Susan Chambers reveals an art piece she painted to serve as the poster for this year's Oregon Coast Music Festival at a reveal party at Front Street Provisioners on Saturday.

COOS BAY — Folks in Coos Bay got a taste of the coming Oregon Coast Music Festival over the weekend with a music outreach program for local students on Friday and a poster unveiling for the event on Saturday.

On Friday, Feb. 8, high school and middle school students from around the area were given the opportunity to take part in a music workshop at Marshfield High School.

“We had three members of the orchestra that came to do a workshop with regional students,” said Christine Moffitt, President of the Oregon Coast Music Association.

The three musicians that visited with students are known as the OCMA Trio, a group of string instrument players in the OCMA orchestra.

“Each of these three women are regular members of our orchestra during our summer festival, and so they played a sort of mini concert for students at Marshfield High School, Moffitt said. "We had about 100 students that came.”

Moffitt said that the workshop was an overall success. Not only did students get to hear a trio of string musicians, but they also were able to interact with the musicians.

“Neither of the school districts has a strings program. They have bands, but they don’t have a traditional string orchestra. So it was really exciting for some students to have that experience,” Moffitt said.

The following day the OCMA held another event down at the new Coos Bay business Front Street Provisioners, where after more music those in charge of the festival revealed the art for the 2019 Oregon Coast Music Festival.

This year the artist chosen to paint the poster was local artist and former employee at The World, Susan Chambers. For the poster, Chambers painted a picture of Octavius the octopus, an octopus taken in and cared for by the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology. Octavius came to OIMB after getting caught in a prawn pot, OIMB released the octopus back into the wild earlier this month.

“She did an outstanding job with the poster, and it’s a very meaningful and relevant thing for those of us who appreciate all of the critters around here,” Moffitt said.

Chambers’ painting is titled “Octavius Preforms in the Marine Garden,” in which the octopus is depicted playing a few different instruments with its many arms along the shore.

The next OCMA event is coming up on March 30, and will feature Duo Amabile with Steven Moeckel and Paula Fan at the South Slough NERR Auditorium from 2 to 5 p.m.

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