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BANDON — Bullard State Park hosted its annual fall beach cleanup Saturday, which is run by the Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism Organization.

“We do two SOLV cleanups every year one in the spring, and one in the fall,” park ranger Patrick Newhall said.

This was Newhall’s first time hosting a SOLV event. He expected around 30 Volunteers to show up.

"Fall turn out I’ve heard are less than in the spring. Prior to the event we had 15 people signed up, but we just had a girl scout troop stop by, which gave us another 10,” Newhall said.  

At the fall cleanup much of what was picked up from the beaches are micro plastics. In the spring, they tend to find large pieces of trash, because they're blown in by winter storms.

“Micro plastics are a big problem. Little bits of plastic wash up in the rack line and get ingested by fish. Those toxins can actually stay with the fish and get carried up the food chain affecting animals we eat, like tuna and salmon,” Newhall said.

Bullard State Park was not the only Oregon beach getting cleaned up on Saturday, SOLV had 46 different beach and river cleanup events throughout the state.

“There really needs to be more advertisement for events like this, we didn’t hear about it until today. They do it the same weekend every year, but how many people are going to remember that,” Karen Thompson, a Bandon resident, said.

SOLV was formed in 1969 by Governor Tom McCall and other community leaders with the hope of sustaining and improving the Oregon environment. They’ve been hosting their fall and spring beach and river clean ups since the 1980s.

“We’ve never done it here, but we do this event every year,” leader of the Leo’s youth group in Myrtle Point Trudy Sefers said. This is a pretty clean beach, I’m surprised… it’s good to kid the kids out here to and volunteer,”

SOLV coordinates with wit the state parks, as well as the Local Coast Haulers. Some of their major sponsors include Chevron, Pacific Power, and Wells Fargo.  

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