100 YEARS — June 1, 1920

Vandals Remove Flowers on Grave

Burial Places of Old Soldiers Are Defiled

North Bend Man Makes Complaint About Acts of Someone Who Took Away Decorations

A Hemenway, an old soldier of North Bend, reports a shameful vandalism which was committed at the cemetery in Marshfield. He says that with some others he went to the Odd Fellows’ cemetery Saturday and decorated the graves of several old soldiers. He went back again Sunday to attend the exercises and found that the graves he had decorated had been stripped of all the flowers he had placed there.

Mr. Hemenway was indignant that anyone should defile a burial place in such a way. He made some inquiry and found that some children had been seen playing about the cemetery and moving the flowers. At any rate the flowers he placed on the graves had all been removed.

Airplane Is Using Own Gas

None of the Local Supply Has Been Furnished

Chamber of Commerce Gives Assurance that Plane Has Not Used Coos Bay Gasoline

W.E. Reid, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce said today that there was some complaint about the city today because the airplane had been burning gasoline for pleasure riding while autos are not allowed any. Mr. Reid said that the Chamber of Commerce officially reported that the airplane has not burned a gallon of local gasoline.

The airplane company wanted 150 gallons reserved here but this was refused and the company sent in its own supply. Only 150 gallons all told has been burned. The airplane today wanted 100 gallons more but the Chamber of Commerce told the airplane people that the only way it could be procured would be through their Portland headquarters and not a gallon would be furnished here on account of the local shortage.

75 YEARS — June 1, 1945

44 Percent E Bonds Sold

Coos county passed the 44 percent mark in its purchase of 7th war loan “E” bonds today.

County Chairman Clarence Coe said North Bend was still leading cities of the county in percentage of sales with $79, 294, or 56.6 percent of its quota.

Other communities reporting were Bandon, 50.8 percent, with $45,740; Myrtle Point, 48.4 percent with $59,000; Coquille, 49.3 percent with $86,356; Coos Bay, 42.6 percent with $158,009; Charleston-Empire, 40.8 percent with $9,375, and Powers, 14.3 percent with $2,138.

Coquille Open Annual Salvage, Clean-Up Drive

COQUILLE, June 1 — (Special) — Coquille has declared June 1 to 16 to be city clean-up and salvage week. George F. Burr is general chairman of the clean-up committee.

He will be assisted by O.L. Wood, Mrs. George Chaney and H.A. Young, advertising and publicity; E.E. Benham, transportation, and Dr. J.R. Bunch, Phil Alborn, W.P. Laws, Ed Parent, Irwin Larson and Stanley Sherwood, instruction committee.  

50 YEARS — June 1, 1970

Bay Area Hot, But No Record

Air-conditioning failed Sunday on the Oregon coast, which joined the rest of the state to swelter under unusually high temperatures. The forecast for today and Tuesday indicate continued high readings, with cooling due Wednesday.

The 84 degrees registered at Federal Aviation Administration office at the North Bend office at the North Bend airport was below the all-time high for May — 94 on May 13, 1939 — but the office is located at an elevation of 11 feet, while the 1936 records were kept by an airway observer at 2264 McPherson Ave., North Bend, at 203 feet.

Coos Budget

$10,000 Funded For Rental of Bay Branch

COQUILLE — Responding to voter rejection for construction of a courthouse annex in Coos Bay in Tuesday’s primary, Coos County budgetmakers this morning set aside $10,000 to cover rental costs for county offices in the Bay Area.

The $10,000 estimate for office rental fees came on a motion by Commissioner Lonnie Van Elsberg. Van Elsberg further suggested that rental funds now budgeted by the separate departments be deleted and attempts made to find adequate office space for all departments within the $10,000 figure.

15 YEARS — June 1, 2005

Firefighters memorial: Sculptor reveals plans

By Penny Gillson, Editorial Assistant

The Coos Bay Firefighters Memorial Committee took two major steps down the path toward completing a memorial for three local firefighters who died in the line of duty in November 2002. The group has selected a sculptor for the statue.

First, members perused the courtyard in front of Coos Bay City Hall for the first time on Friday with architect Mike Crow of Crow/Clay & Associates in Coos Bay. As it sits now, the site contains several large concrete planters and wooden benches, but the committee envisions the finished project will consist of life-sized bronze statues of the three firefighters, a remembrance wall, 11 trees representing the children left behind and pathways made of engraved bricks.

Crow said the initial step to developing a more-detailed design for the memorial is to determine where utilities are and make measurements for the memorial's boundaries.

Bandon teachers settle on contract

BANDON - An insurance company was able to bring about agreement where a mediator failed.

Bandon's teachers union voted 43-1 last week to ratify a new three-year contract with the Bandon School District. The school board is to vote on the proposal tonight.

If approved, the contract will give the teachers a 1.5-percent salary increase for the first year, retroactive to July 1, 2004, and a 2-percent increase in the second and third years. Members of the Bandon Education Association and the district had been negotiating for nearly a year. The school board declared a formal impasse in April. The main sticking point was health insurance.

These stories were found in the Marshfield Sun Printing Museum newspaper repository stored in Marshfield HS courtesy of Coos Bay Schools and on The World newspaper website www.theworldlink.com.

Reporter Amanda Linares can be reached at 541-266-6039 or by email at worldnews3@countrymedia.net.


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