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April 20, 1920



Will Give Producers Absolute Control – Also Combats Privately Owned Condensaries

The Coos and Curry branches of the Oregon Dairymen’s League will supplant the Coos and Curry Cheese Association and through it the dairymen of this section will absolutely control their industry according to Paul Mehl, agent in marketing from O. A. C. and the U. S. Department of Agriculture who is spending a couple of weeks here. Tentatively plans for the change were completed at a meeting at Langlois last Saturday and will be completed at meetings to be held in Coquille next Saturday and at Marshfield a week from tomorrow.

The organization is modeled closely after the California Fruit Growers, California Raisin Growers and similar organizations which handle and control the California fruit, nut and allied industries.



Will Be Incorporated and Can Hold Property for the Church – All Churches Represented

The Coos Bay Presbytery has been regularly organized and incorporated. There has been a district Presbytery of the Presbyterian church which has existed in an informal way but the body was not organized so that it could hold property. The new Presbytery will be incorporated and can hold property and will own the smaller churches which are not self-supporting.

The organization was formed by the Presbyterian ministers of Coos and Curry counties and the part of Douglas county west of the Coast range. In addition to the ministers present at the meeting, which was held in North Bend for the purpose of organization, each church had a lay delegate present.

The incorporators of the Presbytery are Rev. W. A. Smith and Bandon, T. S. Smith of Marshfield, and J. A. Williams of North Bend.

April 20, 1970

Coquille Seeks Car

Coquille city police are continuing their investigation into a reported sale of marijuana to students at Coquille High School Friday afternoon, according to Police Chief E. N. “Corky” Daniels.

Law officers are trying to locate the car in which five young adult men reportedly left the scene after selling what was thought to be marijuana. They were driving a blue 1967 Mustang with Washington license plates, according to a description given to police.

Purchasers of the marijuana and the drug itself have not been found, Daniels said.

Shrimping First Venture For Boat Designed, Built By Coos Bay Firm

A new 65-foot steel boat is plying the Pacific Ocean for Winchester Bay Seafoods Inc., with shrimping as its first venture.

The Pacific Hustler, built by Nelson Log Broncs for Norman Van Dolah and Wayne Caudle, was designed specifically for dragging and tuna fishing. The owners value it at $125,000, completely equipped with radar, depth finder, L O R A N, two radios (both citizen band), and an all stainless steel galley.

It is fully refrigerated for 50 tons of fish and is equipped to stay at sea for five weeks, with a 5,771 gallon fuel capacity.

April 20, 2010

Tragic irony underlines Lab Band case

The irony of the Lab Band founder's fall is that officials learned of his theft as they tried to find a way to pay him.

Greg Young started the youth music group in 1992 and oversaw its operations for 16 years. He routinely spent between 30 and 50 hours a week on the group, his attorney said. In all that time, Young never received a paycheck.

The Lab Band directors were hoping to change that. They had identified some grant funding in 2007 to pay Young and his wife, Patricia, who handled the group's finances. All the board needed from the Youngs was the Lab Band's financial statements.

Nobody’s seen that cougar

Authorities have heard no more reports of a cougar seen in North Bend last week.

Three North Bend police officers and two community members said they saw an animal that looked like a cougar on Wednesday near Virginia Avenue, McKinley and Crocker streets.

A North Bend police dispatcher said she's heard of no reports of cougar sightings since then.

Of course, it may not be a cougar, said Stuart Love, a district wildlife biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. He said the department receives cougar reports about once a year.

April 20, 2015

Reedsport veteran focus of Memorial Day activities

The Memorial Day Committee in Reedsport has announced a Grand Marshal for activities on May 23 and 24.

Command Sgt. Major Brian L. King graduated Reedsport High School in 1987 and entered the U.S. Army in February 1989.

He attended basic training at Fort Sill, Okla., and attended the combat medic course at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

New bridge to the Hinsdale Garden

There was a new attraction to add to the blooming plants during the first “Open Day” at the Hinsdale Garden, east of Reedsport.

The new footbridge was open to the public.

The Bureau of Land Management's Steve Samuels said the agency worked hard to add the bridge to connect areas of Spruce Reach Island.

“We knew the Hinsdales had a way across,” he said. “We have a picture of what they had, which was a single cedar log with a flattened side. Of course, they could do what they wanted. We have to do what's proper and code.”


These stories were found in the Marshfield Sun Printing Museum newspaper repository stored in Marshfield HS courtesy of Coos Bay Schools and on The World newspaper website


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