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100 YEARS — June 19, 1920

Cut In Retail Lumber Made

Offered At Lower Figure In Local Market

Quite a drop in retail lumber prices is advertised today by the North Bend Mill and Lumber Company. There has been a general drop in the market and the company is meeting this in retail sales. Building to some extent at least has been postponed on account of the high price of lumber but it is now pointed out that the retail prices advertised are lower than they have been at any time for the past two years and that this is the time to build as lumber is likely to go up later on rather than to go down any lower in price.

The prices show a cut generally of about 20 percent of what lumber was eight months ago. The ratio of reductions varies with the different grades of lumber. Flooring for example which was $69 a thousand is now offered for $50. Common lumber had dropped about $10, which is 12 or 15 percent reduction. Other decreases are quoted on the different classes of lumber required for building.

County To Prepare More Of Highway

Will Ask For Hard Surface On To Myrtle Point

Work Planned on Fairview Road — Court to Look Into the Coos River Road This Month

The county court has decided to ask the state highway commission to lay pavement on the rest of the highway from Marshfield to Myrtle Point.

It will be asked that the hard surfacing be the same as that which is now being put on that portion of the road between Marshfield and Coquille.

75 YEARS — June 20, 1945

Powers Petition Studied

COQUILLE, June 20 — (Special) Members of the Coos county forest land classification committee met Tuesday afternoon at the office of County Agent George Jenkins for the purpose of examining the petition of Powers land owners who are seeking a preliminary classification of more than 8,000 acres of Powers land for agricultural and grazing purposes. Prior to this time the area has been unclassified.

After the classification is made a management program will be set up for this vicinity by county members and the fire patrol in order that fire trails can be set up between the grazing area and the timber area, thus preventing any forest fire hazard.

A public hearing on the classification will be held within 30 days at the courthouse and all those interested are asked to attend.

50 YEARS — June 20, 1970

1970 Transition Period For CB Mall Businessmen  

By Phyllis Countryman, Staff Writer

It appears that 1970 is a period of transition for Coos Bay business buildings on the new mall … “Rome wasn’t built in a day ….”

The World this week polled building owners and managers and found some remodeling and preliminary planning is under way in preparation for exterior changes to be made in the future.

Few have changed plans since last year, when it was announced that they would await final designs from mall planners or that a “wait and see” approach is best.

15 YEARS — June 20, 2005

Bicyclists heard what Charleston residents were saying

By Dan Schreiber, Staff Writer

CHARLESTON - For seven months, two young peddlers have been popping in and out of towns across America - and clearly, they're trying to draw attention to themselves.

But they're not selling vacuum cleaners or soliciting donations for a religious organization. And they're not preaching the popular politics of the day or attempting to tell people the meaning of life.

They just want to talk.

About what? Anything, the cross-country bicyclists said Sunday when they took a load off in Charleston. The fishy ocean breeze blew two brown flags from the back of their bikes, loaded down with the bare essentials. The flapping message was simple - "Talk to me."

These stories were found in the Marshfield Sun Printing Museum newspaper repository stored in Marshfield HS courtesy of Coos Bay Schools and on The World newspaper website

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