100 YEARS — June 25, 1920

Salvation Army Ready To Open

Local Corps Secures Quarters on Front Street

Capt. and Mrs. Stack Will Be In Charge — First Meeting to Be Held Saturday Night

The opening of the local corps of the Salvation Army which was to have taken place several weeks ago but was postponed, will now take place this weekend, the opening meeting being set for 8 o’clock Saturday night.

The Army had quite a difficulty locating a hall suitable for their work but eventually took over the Hutcheson building at 315 North Front street with quarters for the officers upstairs. Captain and Mrs. Stack, officers in charge, have come here from Centralia, Wash., and have been in Marshfield over a month getting things ready for the opening this week.

Faces Tragedy At Festivities

W.A. Reid Has Startling Experience In Portland

Man Drops Dead at His Feet While People Around Him Cheer Passing Parade

To feel the shock of having a man drop dead at his feet while witnessing a parade was the gruesome experience of W.A. Reid, secretary of the Marshfield Chamber of Commerce, while he was in Portland a few days ago. Mr. Reid stopped for a day on his way home from a trip to Victoria. He was watching the night parade pass and at the time was awaiting an opportunity to get across the street so he could proceed to the depot to catch the train home. It was impossible to get through the ropes and across the street while the parade was passing.

“I was watching the beautiful spectacle,” said Mr. Reid, “when I heard the thud of a man falling right at my feet. I leaned over to the give the man assistance supposing he had fainted, and two of three others nearby helped me carry the prostrated man into an auto salesroom in front of which I was standing. I was startled when we go inside to find that the man was stone dead. I do not know where he died of heart disease or whether he fainted and the striking of his head on the hard sidewalk killed him. Anyway his death came at once.”

75 YEARS — June 25, 1945

Dock Fire Loss Is Set At $100,000

Business District Of City Threatened By Waterfront Flames

Fanned by a strong wind that threatened to engulf the entire business district of Coos Bay, flames swept the waterfront early Sunday morning, leaving damage amounting to an estimated $100,000 in their wake. Five warehouses and two blocks of dock, belonging to the Santa Cruz Portland Cement company, were in charred ruins today and other properties were damaged.

Only through the efficient work of the local fire department, augmented by men and equipment from surrounding towns, were the flames confined to the two-block area and kept from the heart of the city. Blazing shingles, carried on the wind, fell on other business houses, apartments and homes, necessitating the placing of guards on roofs several blocks from the conflagration.   

50 YEARS — June 25, 1970

‘Things Not So Bad’ Says SWO Employment Manager

Economic Report At Meeting in Coquille

By Phyllis Countryman, Staff Writer

COQUILLE — Edward Konka, manager of the Coos Bay State Department of Employment office, Wednesday night told the Coos County Economic Development and Coordinating Committee “things are not as bad as they seem.”

Konka said unemployment in Coos County in running up to 8.4 and rates high for Economic Development Administration programs with federal funding since unemployment is both high and persistent.

Curry County’s employment picture is not as severe, but the unemployment rate is over 6 percent and is still considered high, said Konka. He said District 7 which includes both counties has an unemployment rate of 8.1.

Dement To Crown Fair Queen

The Coos County Fair Queen for 1970 will be crowned by State Sen. Sam Dement at a coronation dance to be held at the pavilion on the fairgrounds in Myrtle Point at 9 p.m. Saturday.

The dance is a new feature of the Sheriff’s Posse Shodeo Friday through Sunday. Other new events are polo games on each of the three days and a businessmen’s cow bucking contest.

Horsemanship of the 21 fair queen contestants will be judged by Doyle Stanfield of Roseburg in events to begin at 7:30 p.m. Friday. Polo will follow. The Coos Posse has challenged possess of Curry, Josephine and Lane counties to games.  

15 YEARS — June 25, 2005

Missing teenager back at CB home after seven months

By Dan Schreiber, Staff Writer

A Coos Bay teenager who went missing since last November returned home last week.

Katherin M. "Katie" Goude, 17, said she dropped out of Marshfield High School after being home-schooled. After frequent runaways, Katie left more permanently at the end of 2004 and didn't return for seven months.

Cheryl Goude, the girl's mother, said she began a search effort shortly after Katie left.

"We had posters out within two weeks and the thing that was frustrating was we had to record her as a runaway, but it was not illegal for her to be a runaway," Cheryl said.

District, NB agree on property resolution

By Penny Gillson, Editorial Assistant

The Coos County Airport District Board is on the verge of holding an important piece of paper in its hand: the deed to the North Bend Municipal Airport.

At its June 16 morning meeting, the board approved a resolution accepting the assets and liabilities of the airport from the city of North Bend. The approval completed the transfer of the deed for the airport property from the city to the board and the sale of the Wastewater Treatment Plant to North Bend.

The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to OK the swap as soon as the deeds are recorded.

These stories were found in the Marshfield Sun Printing Museum newspaper repository stored in Marshfield HS courtesy of Coos Bay Schools and on The World newspaper website www.theworldlink.com.

Reporter Amanda Linares can be reached at 541-266-6039 or by email at worldnews3@countrymedia.net.


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