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75 YEARS — June 18, 1945

Lumber Wage Hearing Held

Public hearings by the West Coast Lumber commission for the purpose of stabilizing wages in the lumber industry were concluded at the city hall in Coos Bay Saturday for all lumber operators of Coos, Curry and western Douglas counties. E.H. Card, executive secretary of the Oregon Coast Operators announced today that more than 50 operators attended from the three counties, together with CIO and AF of L union leaders.

These hearings were held by the commission in order that all operators could submit the amount of wages being paid to employees in their industries and this information has been submitted to the commission in Portland. Findings of these reports will be announced within three months, according to Mr. Card.

Violations of wage adjustments by lumber operators without the approval of the West Coast Lumber Commission will be checked in the information submitted at the hearings and action will be taken by the commission within three months, if any violations of the wage stabilization act of October, 1942, are found.

Play Program For Coquille

COQUILLE, June 18 — (Special) All children of Coquille will be afforded a supervised program of play with the opening of the playground in the Coquille park, Tuesday, June 19, under the direction of the Coquille city park commission, Stanton Stevens, chairman announced today.

Margaret Hughes of the University of Oregon physical education department will be in charge of the program this summer. The playground is operated by the park commission acting with the Coquille city council.

This is the fifth year it has been in operation, and continues through the summer months, until a few weeks before school opens in the fall.

50 YEARS — June 18, 1970

Firemen To Conduct Free Pickup

Fire Marshal Joe Nagle of the North Bend Fire Department has announced a free pickup of both combustible and non-combustible rubbish to be conducted within the city limits of North Bend June 22-25.

The June 22 collection area includes Simpson Heights and all areas north of Virginia Avenue bounded on the east by Sheridan and on the west by Pony Slough.

The June 23 collection area includes the area south of Virginia Avenue to the Coos Bay city limits bounded on the east by Highway 101 and on the west by Pony Slough.

11 Earn Straight A At Marshfield JHS

Nine eighth graders and two seventh graders earned all “A’s,” or a perfect 4.00 grade point average for the second semester of the recently-completed school year at Marshfield Junior High, Principal Fred Pruitt has announced.

Registering perfect grades among the eighth graders were Shirley Bush, Andrea Crim, Luann Fagan, Arlene Hale, Janette Lawrence, Caryn Marsh, Vicki Matson, Kathery McIntosh and Pamela Minor.

David Graves and Denise Swank were the two seventh graders achieving perfect grades during the semester.

15 YEARS — June 18, 2005

New signs up at local beaches advise of water quality

The Oregon Department of Human Services is putting up new advisory signs at 12 beaches in Oregon to inform visitors about water quality at those areas.

Locally, the signs will be installed at Bastendorff County Park and Sunset Bay State Park in Coos County.

The signs are part of a monitoring program that the department started in 2003 at heavily used recreational beaches. When abnormally high levels of bacteria are detected, the department issues a health advisory.

Whiting fishermen, processors propose cooperative plan

By Susan Chambers, Staff Writer

Two seafood groups have proposed federal legislation that would, in effect, create an individual fishery quota system for shoreside Pacific whiting fishermen and processors in California, Oregon and Washington - a fishery worth more, to fishermen alone, than $7 million annually.

Under a quota system, specified shares of the annual catch are assigned to individuals or groups according to federal regulations. Quota systems, each with different regulations, have been implemented in several fisheries in the United States.

The Portland-based West Coast Seafood Processors Association and Newport-based Midwater Trawlers Cooperative put together a bill that would allocate the shore-based whiting harvest among the fishermen and processors that have participated in the fishery during the last several years. They hope to have it introduced this month.

These stories were found in the Marshfield Sun Printing Museum newspaper repository stored in Marshfield HS courtesy of Coos Bay Schools and on The World newspaper website

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