100 YEARS – April 29, 1920

Oil Shortage Felt on Bay

Supply of gasoline nearly exhausted last night

Tank car expected today from Wyoming – general shortage throughout the country

Coos Bay last night was threatened with a gasoline famine, less than 400 gallons were left in the Standard Oil Company’s tanks while the Union Oil Co. had even less. Manager Todd of the Standard Oil Co., expected a carload in today, which will temporarily relive them.

The shortage is due to the shortage throughout the country. It is stated that with the rapid increase in the number of autos and auto trucks, the consumption of gasoline has jumped to more than ten million gallons per day, while the normal production is only about eight and one-half million gallons.

Supply of Gas is Cut Off

The (Coos Bay) Times was unable to operate the linotype machines after 9 a.m., on account of the gas supply being cut off.

The Mountain States Power Company secures its steam from the Buehner mill for the gas plant and this was of course cut off. Manager A.L. Martin was at the gas plant soon after the fire alarm was sounded and started the auxiliary.

50 YEARS – April 29, 1970

Coos Jail Gets Quick Look by OCD Men

Sidestepping issue? Other jails studied

Two men from Oregon Corrections Division inspected Coos County Jail facilities Tuesday, but Al Armstrong, head of Coos County Taxpayers League, expressed some dissatisfaction with their comments made during a meeting with him.

Armstrong told The World this morning that he felt they “did a fine job of sidestepping the issue” when they said they would make a written report after returning to Salem and studying their findings.

However, he added, they did express a feeling that, at the present time, the present county jail “probably cannot be adapted satisfactorily for future use.” They also voiced an opinion that none of the city jails is adequate, he noted.

North Bend to Look at Assessments

Investigation of tax assessments against businesses leasing property at the North Bend airport was asked Tuesday night by the city council.

City Attorney Robert Thomas was instructed to make the investigation after reporting rules on exemptions.

10 YEARS - April 29, 2010

Marijuana group schedules NB event

By Jessica Musicar, Staff Writer 

Americans are being driven to drink. That's how lobbyist and retired police detective Howard Wooldridge views marijuana prohibition.

"The irony here is, marijuana is a much safer drug for the user and their family. And we're driving people to drink because drinking it's legal," Wooldridge said. "It's obviously counterproductive."

In 18 years in law enforcement, Wooldridge said, he responded to zero violent crimes sparked by marijuana use. Compare that with 1,300 calls on homicides, suicides, rapes, assaults, and child abuse cases involving alcohol.

Ready, set … Jump

Schools win kudos for health efforts

By Alexander Rich, Staff Writer 

COOS BAY — A push to improve children's health has led Karla Delgado to change the way she teaches her students. The third-grade teacher still covers reading, writing and math, but lessons are broken up with a mixture of health tips and aerobics.

On Wednesday morning, she read several Shel Silverstein poems, then had her students stand up from their desks. She put a list of exercises on an overhead projector and had a student read the health tip of the day.

Then Delgado put on a CD, and the students touched their toes, waved their arms and pretended to jump rope.

After this burst of activity, students worked on a poem activity packet. While they worked, they munched apples, a weekly treat provided by a local business.

Take a stand by taking a seat

By Meghan Walsh, Staff Writer 

COOS BAY — Headstart campuses across the county are getting comfy birthday presents this year, thanks to four generous judges.

This Saturday, at Neighbor to Neighbor's second-annual Chairs for Charity event, the public can bid on glitter-coated seats and animal-striped recliners donated by local artists. But some of the chairs already are off the market. For $100, sponsors can reserve a chair and donate it to an organization of their choosing. All proceeds go to funding mediation programs in Coos and Curry counties.

Judges Martin Stone, Paula Bechtold, Michael Gillespie and Richard Barron are celebrating Headstart by donating birthday-themed chairs. One chair is even adorned with a red velvet cape and gold crown.

5 YEARS – April 29, 2015

Festival of Sail 2015

COOS BAY – The Tall Ships are here! Get your pirate outfit on and welcome the Tall Ships from Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority. The Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain have returned for their annual visit to Coos Bay. While in port the Tall Ships will offer dockside tours, Battle Sails, Adventure Sails, and an Evening Sail.

These stories were found in the Marshfield Sun Printing Museum newspaper repository stored in Marshfield HS courtesy of Coos Bay Schools and on The World newspaper website www.theworldlink.com.


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