100 YEARS — June 27, 1920

City Will Have Many Visitors

Big Crowds Are Expected For Next Ten Days

Hotels and Restaurants Will Be Taxed to the Utmost Taking Care of the Crowd

Marshfield is going to have a big crowd of people to look after next week. It is likely that several hundred will come to attend the encampment of the Spanish-American war veterans and there will be great crowds from different parts of the county.

All of the camps will close down to allow the men to attend and the mills will be closed Monday and some of them will close Friday night until Tuesday morning.

Harbor At Bandon To Be Improved

Government Dredge Is There and Rock Lifter Will Arrive Soon at Coquille River

The U.S government dredge Oregon came into the Coquille river from Coos Bay and is now preparing to begin operations in the local river, says the Bandon Western World. Engineer D.M. Charleston, who is in charge of the work, states that the work will commence opposite the Gallier dock and extend towards the bar. When that is completed the dredge will work up the river, taking out the sand bars and shoals between here and Prosper.

The dredge will be here the greater part of the summer. It employs about 30 men. It also has a gas boat tender, the Kilchis, of which Dave Holden is chief.

75 YEARS — June 27, 1945

Two Districts Vote to Merge

COQUILLE, June 27 — (Special) — Two new consolidated school districts were formed by votes cast in school districts at the time of the annual school meeting, June 18. The vote was unanimous for consolidation of district no. 41, Myrtle Point, and no. 24, Pleasant Point; also district no. 81, Laurel Lake and no. 64, Four Mile.

According to the official count made Monday by the Coos county district boundary board, the vote was:

Myrtle Point, 8 for; Pleasant Point, 4 for.

Laurel Lake, 7 for; Four Mile, 4 for.

Playgrounds Fund Is Voted

An ordinance creating a financial reserve of $5,000 for acquiring, maintaining and replacing playground, park and recreational facilities in North Bend, was passed by the North Bend city council at the meeting held last night. The ordinance also provided the creation of a reserve fund of $15,000 for improving the community building and other municipal properties.

The council accepted an offer for lots 3 and 4 and lot 48 in Coos Bay Plat B.

The city engineer was instructed to prepare an estimate for repairing McPherson street north of Colorado, and Vermont street between Meade and McPherson.

50 YEARS — June 27, 1970

Tightened Dog Ordinance Enforcement Continues For Coos Bay, North Bend

City Judge Robert Walberg has placed 15 dogs and their Coos Bay owners on probation for one year for violations of the Coos Bay dog ordinance — all 15 this week.

Enforcement of dog ordinances in the Bay Area is being rigidly carried out by County officer Lawrence Dorland and an assistant, according to Coos Bay Police Chief Rollie Pean.

In North Bend, six citations were issued in one day and two others have been issued at other times. Some cited dog owners have posted the $10 bail North Bend requires. Trials are pending on two who have pleaded not guilty in city court. One is scheduled to appear next month.

CB BLM District Timber Sales Friday Bring $2,678,871

Coos Bay District U.S. Bureau of Land Management timber brought a total of $2,678,871.55 for 57,014 M board feet at the oral bidding Friday, according to B.T. Vladimiroff, district manager.

The total bid price was 39 percent over the appraised price of $1,934,267.50.

Of the nine tracts offered, three totaling 19,061 MBF were in the North Administrative area and five totaling 37,953 MBF in the south.

15 YEARS — June 27, 2005

Team confiscates drug

A team of law enforcement officers arrested six Coos Bay residents on drug charges Friday.

According to a press release from the South Coast Interagency Narcotics Team, at approximately noon on Friday, with the aid of a search warrant, SCINT officers, along with members of the Coos Bay Police Department and Coos County Sheriff's Office, responded to a residence at 218 S. Wasson St. The officers searched a vehicle parked adjacent to the residence and discovered more than 70 grams of suspected crystal methamphetamine, with an estimated street value of $9,000; drug paraphernalia; and packaging material in the vehicle.

Detectives arrested Matthew Goodman, 28, charging him with conspiracy to possess, manufacture and deliver a controlled substance (methamphetamine), frequenting and keeping a place where a controlled substance is used, and possession of a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a school.

Food bank's closing due to shortage eased by local effort

By Penny Gillson, Editorial Assistant

Thanks to quick action by South Coast Food Share and other local food banks, about 150 households that receive food from the Ecumenical Food Cupboard will not be left wondering where to get their next meal this week.

Due to a U.S. Department of Agriculture food shortage, the Ecumenical Food Cupboard - the region's largest food bank - will be closed temporarily from Wednesday through July 6. The closure's impact will be lessened, however, because the Coos Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Charleston Food Cupboard have stepped in to provide food to families who receive assistance from the food bank.

The USDA typically sends less food during the end of its quarterly cycles, Food Share Director of Essential Services Phil Handsaker said, but according to Ecumenical Food Cupboard workers, all that arrived in the last shipment was dried figs, cranberry sauce and pudding.

These stories were found in the Marshfield Sun Printing Museum newspaper repository stored in Marshfield HS courtesy of Coos Bay Schools and on The World newspaper website www.theworldlink.com.

Reporter Amanda Linares can be reached at 541-266-6039 or by email at worldnews3@countrymedia.net.


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