South Jetty

This photo by Dwight Scarbrough shows the south jetty of the Coquille River and its adjacent beach during a king tide.

Marine and recreation officials are urging caution over the weekend as forecasters expect potentially dangerous coastal conditions.

Sneaker waves are predicted for parts of the Oregon coast Friday and Saturday, according to the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

“Sneaker waves can surge up the beach, traveling much further inland than normal waves,” said OPRD Safety Specialist Robert Smith. “The common adage to ‘never turn your back to the ocean’ is even more important at this time.”

What's more, a king tide event is projected for Sunday through Tuesday. King tides, which are tides projected to be significantly higher than normal, can cause sneaker waves and flooding in some areas, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Wind advisories and warnings are in effect for parts of the South Coast throughout the weekend.

The next king tide events are projected on for Dec. 13-15 and Jan. 11-13, according to OPRD.

Officials ask beachgoers and wave watchers to respect closures and barricades, and watch waves from an elevated location away from beaches.

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