Caren Linda Easterday was born in Long Beach, California in 1948, to her parents, Clyde and Catherine Caldwell. She and her brother Craig were raised mostly in and around Napa, California, where her father was employed with Union Oil Company as a chemical engineer.

Returning to Southern California, Caren attended high school and community college. She attended Business College, training as a legal secretary. Caren was employed at the Banning law firm, embarking on a career as a legal secretary, and later as a paralegal and as a computer support specialist.

Caren loved country living, influenced in large part by a childhood in Napa, before it became a destination for tourists and wine enthusiasts. Along with country living, Caren loved dogs. In particular, the Shetland sheepdog. Although Caren competed in breed conformation and obedience trials, her real interest in the Sheltie was for what they were bred for: A livestock herding dog, and in particular, herding sheep.

Caren bred, handled and competed Shelties as working dogs, and produced notable results. She became well known to other working dog owners and Shetland sheepdog breeders in the Western US, traveling regionally and living in California, Arizona and finally settling in Oregon, near Silverton.  Another animal breed that originated in the Shetland Isles, Shetland sheep, Caren bred and raised these fine wool sheep, for working dogs, for their fine colored wool and as registered breeding stock.

She met her future husband, Dart, in Phoenix, Arizona at a working trial competition. Also a working dog enthusiast, Dart owned and trained Australian Shepherds. She and Dart were married in Glendale, Arizona in 1985. The Easterday family involvement in cattle and sheep ranching made Caren and Dart a perfect fit.

Caren worked for the Arizona Department of water resources as a paralegal and the Arizona Department of Agriculture, as a computer support technician. She ended her legal career, finally retiring at the Jennings, Strauss and Salmon law firm in Phoenix, Arizona, working primarily in the area of water rights.

Caren and Dart retired to Silverton, Oregon, residing on their small sheep ranch, near Silver Falls state park. She continued working her dogs, raised sheep and other animals, and enjoyed the Cascade Range foothills. She was a member of Silver Creek Fellowship in Silverton. Also served as a prayer partner at KPAZ TV in Phoenix, Arizona,

Caren loved the Lord. As few others might, she appreciated scriptural references to His being a shepherd, tending His flock.

Caren and Dart moved to Myrtle Point, Oregon in 2019, as the progression of Parkinson's made downsizing and dispersal of the sheep flock a necessity. Caren died August 16th 2021 from natural causes in Coquille, Oregon, near her residence. She is survived by her husband, Dart; her son, Ivan Alan; her brother, Craig Caldwell, sister in law, Terri Caldwell, and her nieces and nephews.

Of course, her faithful Shetland Sheepdogs continue to reside in Myrtle Point, with her husband.

A celebration of life is planned for October 9, 2021, at 11am, at the fellowship hall in Bandon Christian Fellowship in Bandon, Oregon. Those who wish to do so, are invited to the Easterday home, after the celebration.

Email notices will be sent out announcing the memorial at the church. An RSVP is requested.

Her ashes will be interred privately at Power's Creek, near the foot of the former family property, near the convergence of the two creeks which flowed through it.

In lieu of flowers or other remembrances, Caren greatly enjoyed "The Chosen", a new independently produced Christian series, following the life of the Lord. Please consider supporting its filming and production. This worthy project is funded entirely by private donations.

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