North Bend Dracula play

North Bend High School drama students practice for their play "Dracula the Bloody Truth," opening Friday, Oct. 26, 2018.

NORTH BEND -- Students of the North Bend High School Drama Club will be performing a live production of “Dracula the Bloody Truth,” opening this Friday, Oct. 26.

The play is both preformed and directed by the students of the drama club. Offering guidance as a producer is drama director Marcia Marchant.

Student directors Miranda Seldon and Jessie Jacquot said that directing the play has been interesting because much of the stage is meant to fall apart throughout the play.

“There was a lot of stage things we had to figure out," Jacqout said. "Parts of it we were just trying to figure out how the stage is supposed to fall apart, and that was a little confusing. The most important thing was making sure that we had things break in a way that safe, so we don’t hurt anyone."

This is the first time the two have ever directed a play, but both do have a background in theater. They said that they have enjoyed gaining a new perspective on how a show operates.

“High school theater is such a family," Seldon said. "Seeing a different side of it, not being on stage, you get to see how bonds are formed."

Marchant said that the play has 60 characters, all of which will be played by only 11 students.

Naia Duggan, the student playing Dracula, said she found her take on the character by studying a number of different Dracula iterations.

“I really started getting into the character," Duggan said. "After a couple weeks I kind of just found that click where I knew what I was doing. I started to understand who my character was, and once I found that it was so much fun to play with him and adlib a little bit where I need to."

Marchant is very proud of her students. Her fairly hands-off approach began last year when illness in her family pulled her away from a show she was working with students on, but the students were so passionate about preforming that they opened the production on time without her.

“Because I had so many students who carried over from that show I decided, okay, we’re going to give them the show,” Marchant said.

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