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Safeway donates bread

North Bend Senior Center board member George Gebhardt presents North Bend Safeway manager Cameron Swanson with a letter of recognition on Friday, Jan. 4. for the grocery stores bread and pastry donations to the senior center in 2018. 

NORTH BEND — George Gebhardt, a board member and representative of the North Bend Senior Center, presented the North Bend Safeway with a letter of thanks last Friday for the grocery store's donations of bread and pastries to the senior center in 2018.

According to Gebhardt, for the past year Safeway in North Bend has donated day-old bread and pastries to be used in the kitchen of the North Bend Senior Center. Being very appreciative of the bread and pastry donations, Gebhardt felt the North Bend Safeway deserved some recognition, which he chose to give in the form of a "thank you" letter.

“We use the pastries as our desserts,” Gebhardt said. “We really appreciate what they do for us.”

Ninety-two-year-old Gebhardt, a World War II veteran, picks up the pastries and bread every Thursday and Saturday and brings them over to senior center.

Safeway manager Cameron Swanson said that Safeway in North Bend has been donating baked goods to different organizations for years now.

“Anything like our bread or our pastries that can be packaged, instead of just throwing them away, our company tries to do something for the community,” Swanson said. “If we don’t sell them then why just throw them away. It’s a great opportunity to help out people in my town.”

Swanson said that he was raised in the Bay Area and that he appreciates the local Safeway’s day-old bread program.

“This type of thing stays local,” Swanson said.

Gebhardt noted that meals at the North Bend Senior Center are open to the public and cost $6.

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