Non-flushable items

A photo of rags that can cause equipment failures at the treatment plants. 

COOS BAY — The City of Coos Bay issued a press release Friday, March 20, reminding residents to only flush toilet paper down the drain as its wastewater operators have noticed a significant increase in non-flushable products.

According to the press release, when non-flushable products such as baby wipes, paper towels and T-shirts are put down the toilet they can cause backups in personal residences and in the city’s system.

“Sometimes these products can make it all the way to the wastewater plant before an issue arises,” said the press release. “At the wastewater plants there is equipment to ensure that these do not go into the main processing equipment.”

Large industrial dumpsters at the plants have collected these products which normally fill about half a dumpster each week. However, as of late the dumpsters have been filling much faster than normal.

“Please only flush toilet paper down the drain,” said the press release. “If you are using other materials, please dispose of these in your trash.  Please think before you flush.”

People with additional questions are being asked to contact the City of Coos Bay’s Public Works Department at 541-269-8918.



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