Bay Area Hospital

The Bay Area Hospital is the largest hospital on the Oregon coast.

COOS BAY — Bay Area Hospital ended a temporary partial lockdown this morning.

The Coos Bay Police Department first received report that a shot had been fired in the area at 8:52 a.m. This was after the hospital went into heightened security when shots were heard in the back parking lot, according to Director of Nursing Operations Liesl Peterson.

“To protect our staff and patients, we went into a locked situation where we investigated and where people were safe and not walking into danger,” Peterson told The World shortly after the lockdown was lifted.

The shots were first heard at the hospital between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. Peterson said that BAH remained in lockdown status for approximately 15 minutes.

“When we responded, we had five officers, along with deputy sheriffs, who responded to check the parking lot,” said Sgt. Hugo Hatzel with the Coos Bay Police Department. “We checked the area, checked all the vehicles, checked the vehicles on foot and as we responded the hospital advised that they went on partial lockdown.”

Peterson said when the hospital goes into lockdown, external doors are locked and people are kept inside while the situation is investigated. Because it was a partial lockdown, patients were still able to present for care.

Chief Nursing Officer Regina Rose said in her three years at BAH, this was the first lockdown she has seen.

“We called Coos Bay Police and communicated with our EMS so they knew what to do during the lockdown,” Rose said.

The Coos Bay Police Department patrolled the area and remained nearby even after the lockdown was lifted.

“Staff and visitor safety is a top priority,” Peterson said. “We would respond like this every time until we knew it was clear.”

Hatzel said that he and the other law enforcement officers didn’t find anything to substantiate that a shot had been fired.

“It is possible a shot was fired or there was another reason that loud noise was heard,” he said. “There is no other reason to take further action.”

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