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MYRTLE POINT — John and Alayna Black know a thing or two about persistence. The Coos Bay couple has been working over the last three years to open up their dream auto shop and with things finally lining up they’ve now made it into a reality.

Owner John Black walks across the lot Friday at his newly opened garage Outlaw Auto, Tire & Lube in Myrtle Point as a mechanic works under…

Outlaw Auto, Tire and Lube is the newest auto shop in Myrtle Point to open its doors. It offers community members a one-stop shop to service not only their tire needs but a wide range of mechanic services.

The shop, which took over the previous Myrtle Point Tire, has only been open about four months and has undergone a complete renovation. The couple has redone the entire lobby, garage and exterior of the building.

“We worked from early morning to sometimes 1 a.m. to get things clean and ready,” said Alayna. “We pretty much lived here for a whole month before we actually opened.”

The shop provides diesel and auto repairs as well as exhaust, alignment and brake inspections. It also does standard maintenance work including oil changes. After moving from New Mexico six years ago, Alayna said they found comfort in the South Coast and in particular the community of Myrtle Point.

“We love this town so much,” said Alayna. “We drive back and forth each day to come into work and eventually we want to live here and become a bigger part of the community.”

Mechanic Houstin Headley installs a drive shaft into a Volvo at Outlaw Auto, Tire & Lube in Myrtle Point on Friday.

In the next few months, Alayna said they are going to be adding a part-time intern who will spend time in the garage learning and working on vehicles. According to Alayna, the idea to recruit a student from Myrtle Point High School came up after conducting an oil change on one of its teachers' vehicles.

“A lot of people don’t give students the opportunity to work because they lack experience,” said Alayna. “We don’t see it that way and we want to give everyone an opportunity to prove themselves.”

The need to have a local auto shop was huge. According to Alayna, while they were working on renovations they would get frequent inquiries from residents looking to find out when they were going to start their services.

“As soon as we opened our lot was filled,” said Alayna. “It was great seeing all the support we got.”

Mechanic Houstin Headley installs a drive shaft into a Volvo at Outlaw Auto, Tire & Lube in Myrtle Point on Friday.

With over 20 years of diesel and auto repair experience, John works running the garage and leading his team of mechanics while Alayna works on the front end managing the office. Although they’ve been open for a few months, the shop is planning an open house in September inviting residents to check out their facility and ask questions directly to their staff.

The couple has two sons, who serve on the U.S. Marine Corps, and a daughter who attends Marshfield High School. Alayna said her family is a huge motivation for them and with two sons in the military they try their best to show their appreciation and support to local veterans.

The two started a local fundraiser for one of their military customers, who recently had surgery and is need of some significant repairs to her vehicle.

“The car does not run and it’s going to cost more to get it running than what the car is worth,” said Alayna. “So, we’re trying to get something going where the community can all pitch in and we can get her a new vehicle.”

Mechanic Houstin Headley lowers a car Friday after making repairs at Outlaw Auto, Tire & Lube in Myrtle Point.

Currently the shop is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is located on 711 Spruce Street. Alayna said she hopes to be able to open up Saturdays as soon as they add more staff members so they can reach more customers.

“We just want to provide a place where people can come and feel like they’re not taken advantage of,” said Alayna. “We want to be successful and prove to those who didn’t believe in us earlier that we did it.”