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COOS COUNTY — With recent stay-at-home orders put in place by Governor Kate Brown on Monday, there is no current plans to bring in the National Guard to provide public assistance.

In some states, like New York, National Guardsmen have been called into certain areas to help clean schools and deliver food to people who have been ordered to stay in place.  

Recently, the Oregon National Guard has been working directly with the Oregon Health Authority to set up field medical facilities to deal with COVID-19.

“We are in a support role, mostly with OHA. We’ve also helped out the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs, and Providence Hospital up in Seaside,” said Public Affairs Director Stephen Bomar, with the Oregon Military Department. “That’s all been structural support and establishing mobile medical facilities.”

While a mobile medical facility is not something Coos County public health authorities have deemed a necessity, Coos Health and Wellness has said it is an option to consider if things take a turn locally.

“If the local authorities feel there is an overwhelming need for a mobile medical facility then that is something they can put a request in for, and it’s something we would be willing to support,” Bomar said.

On Friday, at the Salem fairgrounds the Oregon National Guard utilized an event center to set up a mobile hospital. In one day, a National Guard team of approximately 25 people were able to set up a 240-bed facility.

“They want to get it done, and get it done right, and making sure that it has the appropriate spacing. We’re all working together during this time frame," Bomar said.

In the event the National Guard is asked to assist Coos County, Bomar said there is no need to be afraid the National Guard is in the area.

“There’s no need to be scared of your National Guard members. We’re all a part of the community, we’re Oregonians too, and we’re here to support one another," he said.


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