Coos History Museum

Coos History Museum

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COOS BAY —Last February, the Coos History Museum sponsored a soil collection event on Front Street during a reconciliation ceremony surrounding the 1902 lynching of Alonzo Tucker. Now the museum and a task force of volunteers from around the state are planning a lasting memorial.

People can read about the Alonzo Tucker Memorial Project by visiting the Museum’s website at

The website includes a short background newsletter explaining the history and rationale for the project.

The task force encourages the public to guide it with opinions about the project by filling out a short, eight-question survey after reading the newsletter.

The City of Coos Bay, the Urban Renewal Agency and the Coos History Museum are currently reviewing statements of qualification from several landscape developers for proposed waterfront improvements at the museum, located at 1210 N. Front St. The memorial is among projects being planned on the museum grounds.

Established in 1891, The Coos County Historical Society is an Oregon 501(c)3 not for profit organization and the 2nd oldest historical society in the State. For more information about the Society and the Coos History Museum, visit or email


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