Doghouse fundraiser

The doghouse-shaped collection box outside the main entrance to Marshfield High School was filled repeatedly with donations during the past few weeks. 

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COOS BAY — For the fifth year in a row, the Marshfield Key Club helped collect donations for the Coos County Animal Shelter.

Stacy Gulseth, advisor for the student-run club that organizes projects within and outside of Marshfield High School, said there was some hesitation for the fundraiser due to pandemic restrictions but decided to give it a try anyway. Like previous years, the club put out the “doghouse” on campus where people could deposit pet food or other items.

“…During COVID, we didn’t know if we would be able to raise anything but thought ‘let’s give it a try,’” Gulseth said. “Not only did staff members donate, but I’m sure we had tons of people drive by because (the doghouse) was filling up daily.”

The doghouse was built five years ago by the high school’s advanced carpentry department and then painted and decorated by students. It has been used for the annual four-week fundraiser ever since. The top comes off, Gulseth said, allowing people to place donations inside.

“…I called (the shelter) at first to ask what they needed and told them I wasn’t sure we’d get much since there wasn’t school happening (on campus),” Gulseth said, but saw that the doghouse was filling up every day.

In fact, she said the fundraiser saw more donations this year than ever before.

“People donated dog and cat food, cat collars, laundry detergent,” she listed. “People donated flea medication, which had to be unopened and couldn’t be expired. Same with the dog food, which could be opened but couldn’t be expired or moldy.”

Other donated items included blankets and towels as well.

“We had a variety of things in bulk,” she said. “Some were in boxes and bags. It was very generous … That box was running over. We’ve never had it running over so much, even during school time.”

Gulseth said the Key Club students enjoyed the fundraiser and would have normally taken the items to the shelter but “it’s actually closed to appointments only,” not to mention an over-abundance in donations.

“…(The shelter) offered to get (the donations) in the animal control pickup, which helped us a lot,” she said.

Though the fundraiser has ended, Gulseth said if people still wish to donate to the animal shelter then items can be brought to Marshfield High School, located at 972 Ingersoll Avenue in Coos Bay.


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