Terry Scott Rogers

A longtime Coos Bay police officer is behind bars after he was indicted and arrested on 20 charges related to sexual contact with a minor.

According to court records, Terry Scott Rogers was arrested September 10 on 18 felony charges and two misdemeanor charges. The indictment alleges Rogers had sexual contact with a minor starting in 2012, when she was under the age of 12. The indictment alleges the behavior continued for six years, ending in 2018.

Rogers was indicted on two charges on unlawful sexual penetration in the first degree, three charges of unlawful sexual penetration in the second degree, eight charges of sex abuse in the first degree, five charges of luring a minor and two charges of sex abuse in the third degree.

According to the records, a Coos County grand jury voted to indict Rogers on September 9, and arrest warrant was issued the next day. Due to Rogers' law-enforcement background in Coos County, a special appointed district attorney was assigned to present and prosecute the case.

For the same reason, Judge Martin Stone signed a motion removing himself from the case.

In the defendant's memorandum in support of release, Rogers' attorneys argue his law enforcement background and his time in Coos Bay is proof he can be released on his own recognizance while awaiting trial.

According to the memorandum, Rogers has been a police officer with the Coos Bay Police Department for 22 years and is currently on administrative leave. Attorney James B. Devecchio argues that Rogers has no prior arrests or convictions, will have no contact with the alleged victim and is no threat to leave before trial.

"Based on the foregoing factors, Attorneys for Defendant requests the Court release Mr. Rogers, or in the alternative, set security in the statutory minimum as required," the attorneys wrote. "Mr. Rogers understands that if he is released, that strict compliance is required and failure to abide by the conditions imposed by the Court would more likely lead to his release being revoked and being placed back in custody."


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