Loiselle: Improve internal communication

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Mary Loiselle sees the lack of communication between county departments as something she can fix using leadership skills she has acquired over a long career.

The county need not rush to hire a county administrator if she is elected to Position No. 2 of the Coos County Commissioners.

'I have these skills," Loiselle said. 'I've been in leadership roles in large areas. Let me do this."

Loiselle, a training assistant at Southwestern Community College's Small Business Development Center, has managed facilities at Alliant International University in San Diego, coordinated the U.S. Marine Corps Employment Resource Center in Pendleton, brokered homes and real estate, directed community education events and elderhostel at SWOCC, and directed marketing at Baycrest Village & Evergreen Court.

After reviewing the county's structure committee report, Loiselle agrees that someone must step in and facilitate better communication between and consolidation of departments, but with a cautious approach.

Loiselle wants to take on that role. As commissioner she would create and lead a team that would create policies and procedures to support positive communications across departments.

Once that team becomes established, she said, her role may not be needed.

'Lets see how it works, then decide if we need an administrator," Loiselle said.

Receiving rights to the Coos Bay Wagon Roads lands will be a great source of revenue for the county, Loiselle said, and everyone in the county should show support by sending letters to local congressmen. Citizens should not leave it to the commissioners to fight for the county alone, she said.

Loiselle agrees with the county commissioners' recent resolution opposing the Bandon Marsh expansion.

'This is county agricultural and timber land that would be taken out of production and a loss of permanent yearly tax revenue, and a loss to our community of valuable agricultural land that took over 100 years for our forefathers to create," Loiselle said.

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