COOS BAY — A lockout at Sunset and Madison schools lifted after 20 minutes Tuesday as police searched for a man with a machete.

The lockout procedure began after a report came in that an individual carrying a machete was walking near the schools. According to Coos Bay police dispatch, no one was found and the search has since ended.

The Coos Bay School District was notified that someone was walking around with a machete nearby at 11:40 a.m.

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“Both schools went into lockout, which is very different than lockdown,” said Bryan Trendell, district superintendent. “Lockout means everything in the school continues as usual, but no one is allowed to enter or leave.”

At the time of the lockout, there were children out on the playground. Trendell said they were quickly brought inside.

“Police searched the neighborhood and found nothing,” Trendell said. “They gave us the all clear a little after noon. Lockout is something we do to make sure our kids and staff are safe. We take these kinds of situations seriously. Safety of our kids and staff is number one.”

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