Lisa Slater

Author Lisa Slater of Coos County promotes her work at the Coos County Fair in Myrtle Point on July 26.

COOS COUNTY — Ever since she was a little girl, Coos County wife and mother Lisa Slater knew she wanted to write. There was no hiding or denying the fact that the emerging novelists had a passion for writing and more than a few stories to tell.

“It was my favorite subject in school,” said Slater. “It was perfect because you were given the freedom to create the right answers unlike other subjects. You were also given the freedom to have a voice.”

A self-described introvert, Slater said with the support and help from her husband, Adam, she’s been able to push beyond her doubts and self-publish her work for the whole world to see.

“I’ve always been kind of shy,” she said. “Growing up I didn’t really ever speak up anywhere not even at home. It wasn’t until I began writing that I started feeling like someone was listening.”

Over the past two years, Slater has written two novels, Chancing Hope: A Story of Love and Unpredictable Suspense, and Holder of the Horses: A Family’s Legendary Journey through Life. The books, which were edited by Max Van Zile of Editing for Authors, don’t exactly fit into one genre, she said.

While her novels feature elements of suspense and mystery they also feature themes of love and romance. Slater’s passion and admiration for horses are also common elements that can be found throughout both her novels.

“For some reason God imprinted a horse on my heart,” she said. “Writing and riding are the things that keep me sane.”

Slater’s love for horses deepened as a child when she visited her aunt’s ranch every summer in Fox. She learned to ride over the years with help from her mother who got her as many lessons as she could afford.

“It didn’t really transpire until I was an adult and Adam got behind me,” she said. “He has been so supportive of me in pursuing all the things I enjoy. He pushed me to grow and got me Bella Dama.”

For the past 10 years, Slater has bonded with her horse, Bella Dama, which translates to “Beautiful Lady.” With her years of experience and knowledge, she transported her expertise of horses to the pages of her first two novels.

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The path to self-publishing is a long one with plenty of ups and downs. Slater said it’s important for those interested in following a similar path to remember their worth and to believe in their product. It also helps to have supportive people around you and someone in your circle that can help you navigate this new territory, she added.

“I’m not highly educated, I didn’t go to college,” said Slater. “However, I did receive my education and still do to this day through life experiences.”

Currently, Slater is writing her third novel which is expected to be released summer 2020.  In between writing, working and raising her three kids, Slater said she also attends festivals and events throughout the county as well as around the state.

The events she said are a great way to connect with readers and community members who share her love of reading and writing. One special community member, her niece, Saleena, has also taken a likening to writing and is on her path to completing her first book.

“She’s only 17 years old,” said Slater. “I’m so proud of her and to see her go for it and follow in my footsteps is amazing.”

With the help of her husband, Slater has been able to successfully promote her novels online and spread the word. The two plan on attending the Portland Book Festival in November as well as the Northwest Professional Rodeo Association Finals in Salem, Dec. 20-21.

The chance to travel around the state is also Slater’s chance to represent Coos County and show off her county pride.

“I love our community,” said Slater. “I grew up here and this is my place, this is where I raise my children and these are my people. The community has really lifted me up and believed in me in times I didn’t believe I was any good.”

For those interested in learning more about Slater’s novels or her upcoming events, visit her website at https://www.slaterlife.com.

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