Raymond Furr

Raymond Furr works on cleaning up tires along Seven Devils Road.

COOS COUNTY — Leaven No Trace founder Raymond Furr was found guilty of disorderly conduct in the second degree and sentenced to a year of probation following a saga of drama that has spanned many months.

The District Attorney’s office on Friday announced that Furr, who also goes by Raymond Block, was found guilty on Wednesday following several months of investigation.

The charge alleges that Furr unlawfully and recklessly created a risk of public inconvenience by creating a hazardous condition.

As per his probation, he’s not allowed to pick up trash on public land and is required to get written permission from landowners if he intends to do so on private property.

This is the latest in a series of clashes between the anti-littering evangelist and both the Sheriff’s office and Coos County Commissioners.

Last month, Furr was arrested on charges of illegal squatting after claiming non-existent squatter’s rights on private property.

Before that, the self-appointed cleaner of the county’s trash-strewn back roads was cited for littering.

The problem goes back to earlier last year when the county agreed to waive the pickup fee for the trash Block collected and left on the side of the road. The commission reversed its position in June, prompting the sheriff’s office to warn Block to cease operations several times.

County officials have called Block's roadside trash deposits "potential road hazards, which pose a significant financial liability risk to the county."

Furr took to his Facebook page on Wednesday to announce that while he was found guilty of one offense, he was found not guilty of a charge for offensive littering.

“A Massive Victory for LNT today with a Verdict of NOT GUILTY for Offensive Littering. Was found guilty of Disorderly Conduct for not having a permit. $500 fine and I will need to cover the cost of Inscurance [sic] for LNT, Volunteers and the County as well as Cleanup and Disposal before I can continue any work on County Land.” he wrote, “LNT is here to stay, so please help me Act Today For Tomorrow.”


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