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Candidate interviews for the Coos Bay and North Bend city council have been posted online by the League of Women Voters of Coos County.

They are part of the alternative information plan by the League this fall because the COVID-19 pandemic forced cancelation of regular candidate debate forums.

The information is available on the League’s website at under the menu: VOTING & ELECTIONS, Debates and Interviews.

Interviews include the Coos Bay City Council candidates Lucinda Di Novo, Drew Farmer, Stephanie Kilmer, Jim Kingsely, Cameron Langley and Cody Skoff and the North Bend City Council candidates Levi Clow, Eric Gleason, Pat Goll, Ron Kutch, Susanna Noordhoff, Tim Slater and Jonathan P. Vinyard.

Debates for the North Bend Mayor, Oregon Senate District No. 5 and Oregon House District No. 9 should be available to watch on the website soon after Oct. 16.

The League had intended to provide information on the races for Coos Bay Mayor and Coos County Commissioner, but was unable to because only one candidate in each of those races accepted the League’s invitation to debate.

The candidate forums are a voters’ service project of the League of Women Voters of Coos County, a non-partisan political organization with a mission to encourage the active and informed participation of citizens in government. The League never supports or opposes any candidate or political party and aims to provide impartial information to voters about candidates’ views on issues, and to stimulate interest and participation in the election.

For more information, contact LWVCC Forum Chair Suzanne Grami at 541-260-2028 or LWVCC President Alice Carlson at 541-756-7290.


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