Jordan Cove Energy Project - conceptual drawing

Jordan Cove LNG terminal conceptual drawing - what the plant could look like, view from the northeast of the corridor, including processing facility and the marine slip.

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COOS BAY — Several groups are jointly suing the federal organization that authorized the Jordan Cove pipeline project.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission made a ruling to allow the project to move forward in March. Requests to rehear or retract that ruling were filed by state organizations, conservation groups and individuals and were denied on May 22.

In response, a lawsuit was filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit on Wednesday, May 27.

These groups include: Rogue Riverkeeper, Rogue Climate, Cascadia Wildlands, Center for Biological Diversity, Citizens for Renewables, Friends of Living Oregon Waters, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, Oregon Wild, Oregon Women’s Land Trust and Waterkeeper Alliance. The groups are represented by the Sierra Club and Western Environmental Law Center.

A press release from the Center for Biological Diversity states, “The groups argue FERC failed to consider critical information about the proposed facility and that it is not in the public interest.” The press release also cites a lack of state permits as a reason for the lawsuit.

“Even though Jordan Cove failed to secure even one necessary state permit, that could change, and the project still requires federal approval,” said Susan Jane Brown, an attorney with the Western Environmental Law Center. “Federal approval is the keystone to the Jordan Cove Project, and because of the project’s glaring climate, clean water, and other ecological impacts, we want to knock out that flawed federal approval.”

The press release also stated that other organizations, including the state of Oregon, tribal governments and local landowners have until July 21, or 60 days from the rehearing denial, to file their own lawsuits against FERC.

“Over 40,000 people sent comments and hundreds turned out to hearings across the four impacted counties to ask FERC to deny Jordan Cove LNG, which would risk our climate, clean drinking water, public safety, and more,” said Allie Rosenbluth of Rogue Climate. “FERC has failed to listen to the people of southern Oregon who stand united against Jordan Cove LNG. Now, our communities' concerns about this project will get their time in front of a judge."

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