Lakeside ATV route approved by council

The Lakeside ATV route was approved by the Lakeside City Council on June 22. Now the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department must take public input on the proposed change and make a decision. 

Just three votes stand between the city of Lakeside and a plan to marginally expand ATV access on the city’s streets.

According to the final unofficial election results from Tuesday’s special district election, a measure to allow ATV use on a portion of North Lake Road didn’t quite receive enough votes to pass.

The measure received 347 votes in favor and 350 votes against, putting it too close to call before the county finalizes its election results next month.

In November, voters approved ATV access to a limited set of city streets, allowing riders a complete path between the county park and the Spinreel Dunes. But since the path didn’t include the Osprey Point RV park, a group of supporters asked the city to amend the allowable route.

The city council in February declined to change the route, but gave voters a choice to do so in the May election.

Coos County Clerk Debbie Heller said Wednesday her office still had 200 ballots with signature problems or other issues for voters to resolve. Voters have 14 days to remedy those issues with their ballots, and Heller noted it still could take more time for ballots to come in from drop boxes in other counties.

Heller said the next slate of ballot returns will be published on June 7, when she certifies the election.


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