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COOS BAY — Coos County Sheriff’s Officer K-9 Odin was tracking a suspect when he had a run-in with a porcupine last weekend.

At the time Odin was on the trail of a suspect with outstanding felony warrants. This incident with the porcupine happened the day after Odin performed his 80th successful track for the Sheriff’s Office.

The subject was identified as 29-year-old Devin J. Wilson of Coos Bay, who fled from the deputy on foot.

Coos County Sheriff K9 Odin was called to the scene to conduct a criminal apprehension track for the suspect. During a very long active track, Odin encountered a porcupine in the path, and was stuck with over 200 quills. Several of the quills went inside Odin’s mouth and two near his left eye.

“The vet said this was the worst case they’d ever seen,” Odin’s handler Sgt. Adam Slater said.

According to Odin’s Facebook page, which is run by Slater and his family, Odin was taken to the vet immediately. The quills from the porcupine were removed, and Odin is resting up.

“We’re still watching his left eye. He’s taking some antibiotic eye drops in the left eye, and they’re going to recheck the eye just to make sure that he’s good to go,” Slater said.

The Sheriff’s Office said they would like to offer thanks to the staff at Hansen-Meekins for their dedication and professional care, as well as to the public for the outpouring of support for K9 Odin.  

Prior to the porcupine incident, Odin attended a “meet the public” event, where he interacted with kids and the public at a local Easter egg hunt.

Coos County has stepped up and donated toward Odin’s medical bills once before, when the four legged deputy grew very ill. Once again many community members have decided to donate money toward Odin’s current medical bills.

“It’s been absolutely amazing. The community has really been behind him since his bacterial infection. I can’t say enough about the people in North Bend, Coos Bay and across Coos County. Everyone around here has stepped up anything that Odin has ever needed, even just support and prayers, the community has always been there for us,” Slater said.

Slater said that he hopes Odin will be back to work within the next couple of weeks. The first week in June Odin and Slater will be going to get recertified.

The Sheriff’s Office is still looking for Wilson, and is seeking public assistance in locating him.

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