Jordan Cove Offices

A man walks past 201 Central Ave., Coos Bay, when contractors were preparing the space for the offices of Jordan Cove LNG in 2018.

COOS BAY — As Pembina wades through a sea of permit and certification applications in a make-or-break year for the Jordan Cove energy project, the company has reevaluated how it’s moving forward with the non-regulatory work.

Pembina has decided to limit spending on the $10 billion project while it waits for responses to the many different permit applications.

Limiting spending pushed out the project's expected start date by another year. Previously Pembina has said that it would like to have its Coos Bay terminal online and operational by 2024, but the project is now looking to a start date sometime in 2025.

Jordan Cove LNG was recently denied its requested water quality certification because the Department of Environmental Quality decided there is insufficient information to demonstrate compliance with water quality standards, and because the available information shows that some standards are more likely than not to be violated.

“Pembina is currently assessing implications and options regarding the DEQ procedural denial a couple of weeks ago,” Pembina spokesman Paul Vogel said.

Recently, Jordan Cove LNG submitted over 1,600 pages of response to questions and comments from the Oregon Department of State Lands and the public regarding its fill removal permit. These responses from the company are part of the final technical review step, which includes time for the applicant to address relevant comments and unresolved technical issues.

“The Jordan Cove Project provided responses to all comments as requested by DSL — which was a significant milestone,” Vogel said.

According to Vogel, the Oregon Department of Land Conservation & Development determined last week that the Jordan Cove Energy Project had completed its Coastal Zone Management Act application.

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