Jordan Cove Energy Project - conceptual drawing

Jordan Cove LNG terminal conceptual drawing - what the plant could look like, view from the northeast of the corridor, including processing facility and the marine slip.

COOS BAY — The Jordan Cove Energy Project has withdrawn its application for a removal-fill permit from the the Oregon Department of State Lands.

DSL was notified of the withdrawal in a letter from Jordan Cove. Oregon’s removal-fill permit rules allow applicants to withdraw an application at any time prior to the permit decision. DSL expected to make a decision Jan. 31 on Jordan Cove’s application.

"Jordan Cove had notified Director Walker that we are not able to meet DSL's requirements by the January 31 decision date due to additional, recently required information by other state agencies. These recent requirements from other agencies are impossible to finalize prior to DSL’s January 31, 2020 decision date,” Jordan Cove spokesperson Paul Vogel said. “DSL asserted they now require those filings to complete their removal-fill application, so an extension was necessary to comply with these new information requests, but was not granted.”

Removal-fill permits are required for projects that remove or fill more than 50 cubic yards of material in waters of the state or in wetlands.

The application withdrawn by Jordan Cove included removal-fill activity related to construction of the proposed LNG terminal, slip and access channel, and pipeline.

When a removal-fill permit application is withdrawn, the application fee is forfeited and the application file is closed. A new application must be submitted for a project to receive any further consideration. Jordan Cove’s letter did not indicate whether submission of a new removal-fill permit application is planned.

The application for the Removal- Fill permit was originally filed in November of 2017. Just over a year later the public comment period opened. During the comment period DSL received 49,000 comments. After the comment period DSL was supposed to provide the applicant with a decision by March, 5, 2019. However DSL extended out it's decision to September 2019 due to the massive amount of comments to review. On Sept. 4, Jordan cove was granted an extension till Jan. 31, 2020. 

Opponents of the project see the withdrawal as Jordan Cove wasting DSL time and taxpayer money. 

Thousands of southern Oregonians showed up to hearings and submitted comments in opposition to this project,” Hannah Sohl of the conservation group Rogue Climate said. “Pembina wasted more than two years of taxpayers’ time pushing for this state agency’s approval even though it was obvious the project could never meet the state standards that protect our fisheries, rural communities, and waterways.” 

Jordan Cove has not said whether or not it will reapply with DSL yet. Vogel said the company will turn it's attention to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission final decision scheduled for next month, and plan its next moves after that. 

"Having received all local land use permits, the next major milestone in Jordan Cove’s regulatory process will be the final determination by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Feb. 13, 2020, at which time we will determine our path forward," Vogel said.

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