Oregon's capitol building

Oregon's capitol building

The Oregon Senate repassed Senate Bill 554 on a concurrence vote – approving modifications made in the House to add storage and safety requirements among the bill’s components. The bill passed 17-7.

“Gun violence is a public health crisis. We’ve lost far too many loved ones to shootings and today we took a meaningful step toward preventing these unspeakable tragedies,” said Senator Ginny Burdick (D-Portland) who introduced Senate Bill 554.

Senate Bill 554 changes Oregon’s firearm laws in a variety of ways.

As previously approved by the Senate, the bill allows school districts and public higher education institutions to prohibit the carrying of a firearm even if the individual possesses a Concealed Handgun License.

Senate Bill 554 also requires firearms to be stored safely.

The gun can be stored using a cable lock, a storage container or safe or in a gun room. A storage container or cable lock must also be utilized when transferring a firearm.

In addition, the bill includes reporting requirements for an owner of a firearm when the firearm is lost or stolen.

“Suicides are increasing. Gun violence is increasing. A firearm that is not safely stored is a threat,” said Burdick. “Whether someone steals that firearm to do harm to another person, or a child is killed because they mistake a weapon for a toy or someone in an acute mental health crisis accesses a gun – it’s a tragedy, and we can help prevent these tragedies. By passing Senate Bill 554 today, we help prevent these tragedies.”

After Wednesday’s concurrence vote, Senate Bill 554 goes to Governor Kate Brown for her signature and will take effect the 91st day following adjournment sine die.


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