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Ballots received at the Coos County Elections Office at this point have had the signitures checked, envelope slitted open and ready for the Board of Canvasers to open and stack the ballots for the counting machine in another room.

COOS BAY — Voters across the county, North Bend and Coos Bay had a variety of ballot measures to consider in this year’s election.

Coos Bay approved Measure 6-157 with 60 percent of the vote, which allows recreational marijuana to be sold within Coos Bay city limits.

North Bend and Coos Bay both voted in favor of a 3-percent tax on recreational marijuana, with approval ratings at 71 and 67 percent, respectively.

Both cities voted against the proposed 4-cent per gallon fuel tax, with the no vote receiving 56 percent in Coos Bay and 55 percent in North Bend.

If passed, the tax would have raised $300,000 annually for Coos Bay and $260,000 annually for North Bend.

The money would have gone towards the city's ailing road systems. 

In Coos County, voters gave a resounding "no" to the proposed creation of a county historical fund, with more than 18,000 people voting against it and more than 10,000 voting in favor.

The measure would have created a countywide historical fund to ensure stable funding for nonprofit history museums within the county to “assist with basic expenditures such as paid staff, office and preservation supplies, utilities, fixed costs and equipment.”

When it came to marijuana, county voters gave their stamp of approval, with 69 percent of the 30,321 voters, moving in favor of a three percent tax on the sale of recreational marijuana items.

Bandon voters decided their single contested issue in this election and decided to pass a water utility rate increase after rejecting a similar measure two years ago.

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