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COOS COUNTY — Mailing in election ballots will be easier for voters in 2020.

“The Oregon State Legislature voted on this change in the last session because this is important to the state,” said Debbie Heller, Coos County Clerk. “Oregon knows each vote counts and is willing to make it easier for the voter.”

The return envelope where voters place ballots, and then sign, will no longer need a first class stamp. In 2020, that return envelope will have prepaid postage so voters don’t have to worry about buying stamps.

“You can stick it in the mail without a stamp, or drop it at the drop sites throughout the county, and it will get to us,” Heller said. “Stamps on those envelopes in 2020 will no longer be necessary.”

Heller pointed out how times have changed, where she hears “younger people ask ‘Where do you get a stamp?’ while others don’t always have stamps with them all the time.

In fact, Washington State made this change recently. The state had a historically higher percentage of voters who dropped ballots off at drop boxes on Election Day, but once prepaid postage was put on the return envelope that percentage switched to ballots that were mailed in.

“It was a success up there,” Heller said. “And next year is going to be a great voting year where a lot of people are going to vote. We hope to see a larger number sent in by mail next year because it’ll save them some money. I hope that people see this and know that their vote counts.”

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