Timber Cove

This promotional drawing shows examples of the homes that Red Moon Development proposed to build in the Timber Cove manufactured home park. The project was approved with conditions by the Coos Bay Planning Commission May 9, 2020 and by the Coos Bay City Council in July. 

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COOS BAY — Coos Bay could be home to more than 400 new manufactured homes following an approval by the Planning Commission Tuesday night.

Commissioner Jeff Marineau called the project, "the largest and most ambitious housing project we’ve seen in Coos Bay or North Bend in 50 years.”

A new manufactured home park was approved by the commission at their regular meeting. The proposed project is called Timber Cove and was proposed by Red Moon Development, a company out of Arizona. There are few steps between the decision and construction, which could begin soon and take as little as a year.

The park will be located off Ocean Boulevard and Lindy Lane. The road is west of Ocean Boulevard between Bay Cities Ambulance and the Gib's RV Superstore.

There will be between 400 and 447 manufactured homes there. In addition to these homes, Red Moon plans to build a dog park, a clubhouse, walking trails and a play area.

The homes are meant to create additional affordable housing for Coos Bay. The homes will cost around $100,000 each. Red Moon will retain ownership of the land and rent on each lot will cost $495 per month. The lot rent will include the cost of water and access to the clubhouse.

Commissioner Amy Aguirre said she was excited to see the project progress and address the housing shortage in the area.

Each planned lot will be 48 feet wide by 75 feet deep. Each home will be around 1,400 square feet. Many, but not all, of the homes will have carports. According to Community Development Administrator Carolyn Johnson, all lots will have parking for up to three vehicles.

While the proposal approved by the commission listed 447 homes, Red Moon will have to prove the Empire wastewater plant can handle the additional flows needed to accommodate them. In earlier stages of planning the park, it was determined that the plant could handle 400 homes, and this number was approved by city officials.

Red Moon plans to build an additional 47 units, plus the clubhouse. To gain approval for these units, they will have to obtain a second study from a city engineer proving that the plant can handle those flows as well.

As long as Timber Cove meets the conditions set forth by the commission, the park can move forward. These include obtaining several permits and meeting the requirements to bring water and sewer service to the park.

Red Moon plans to move forward quickly. According to representative William Bradley Woodruff, the company would like to begin the building process “as soon as possible.” He also said that the process should take less than a year, but would be dependent on the weather.                                               

While the commission approved the plans for Timber Cove, there is a 15-day window for the public to submit an appeal for the project. This is rare, according to Johnson. The deadline to submit an appeal is June 24.                                       

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