North Bend City Council

Councilors Jessica Engelke, Timm Slater, and Mike Erbele vote on a proposed ordinance during a North Bend City Council meeting.

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NORTH BEND — During its February meeting, the North Bend City Council ratified an amendment to the Coos Bay-North Bend Visitors and Convention Bureau's inter-governmental agreement with the Coquille Tribe, as well as approving the purchase of new equipment for the Public Works Department.

According to Terence O'Connor, city administrator for North Bend, the city initially adopted the second amendment to the VCB's inter-governmental agreement last year. The amendment was in regards to the 2.5 percent increase to the transient occupancy room tax. However, since then, the Coquille Tribe changed the whereas language for the timing of payments from the Tribe and clarified that the tribe is not bound by ORS statutes.

Beyond those changes, the amendment remains the same as when North Bend adopted it. O'Connor said the Tribe also wanted to clarify that while they are willing to provide 70% of the new 2.5% TLT, their payment for the period from April 1, 2019 to Dec. 31, 2019 would be paid no later than Feb. 15, 2020. While the other partners are paying on a quarterly basis, the Tribe said they couldn't spend the funds since they weren't on the approved budget.

"The Coquille Tribe wanted it noted that in addition to their funding to the VCB, they spend a large amount of money on promotions to the area and their enterprises at The Mill Casino and Hotel," said O'Connor in his description of the amendment.

The city also authorized the purchase of a new standby generator from Power Systems West. A new standby generator was last installed as part of the treatment plant upgrade in 1991, according to Ralph Dunham, North Bend public works director. While the exterior generator's engine only has 3000 hours on it, corrosion of the exterior shroud and the difficulty of finding replacement parts has made replacement more necessary.

"We requested a quote on a rebuild, however the extent of interest received from the manufacturers on that were simple statements, 'we can sell you a new one cheaper,'" he said.

The city requested quotes from CAT, Cummins, and Kohler. Dunham noted that Power System West included some items in their quote that are contrary to the quote itself and are being addressed. Public Works recommended purchase of the Kohler generator, contingent upon verification of the warranty and a modification of liability disclaimer not to exceed $56,000.

Public Works was also authorized to purchase a new CAT vibratory roller. Dunham noted they use a roller an average of 180 hours a year while performing pavement patch maintenance. The city's current roller has had an electrical issue preventing it from starting, which was determined to be connected to the computer control board. The shop quoted it would cost between $10,000 and $11,000 to fix.

Only two quotes were received and Public Works recommended purchase of the CAT roller.

Other business discussed included the following:

The City Council approved authorization to pay for CR Combustion to repair the boiler at North Bend Municipal Pool.

The council approved an ordinance stating how they defined a quorum of Planning Commission officers. A quorum will exist if a majority of appointed members are present for a lawfully called meeting.

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