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Lunches are served twice per week at the Lakeside Senior Center, each Tuesday and Thursdays, starting at 11:30. Volunteer Judy Fleming prepares rolls for the Thursday regular meal. Seniors will be readying for this year's Annual Bazaar and Bake Sale, which will take place Aug. 11. 

LAKESIDE — Residents are gearing up for the Annual Bazaar and Bake Sale, which is set for Aug. 11. 

Money will go toward helping pay for an emergency shelter.

Lakeside Senior Center Board member Casey Stagno is quite pleased with how last year's Annual Bazaar and Bake Sale went, with roughly $2,500 r…

The event takes place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Lakeside Senior Center, 915 N. Lake Road., next to the library and city hall. 

Casey Stagno said the Lakeside Senior Center Board is applying for grant money for an emergency facility for such needs as protection from an earthquake or tsunami. 

"I've been on the board for two years, going on three," Stagno said. "But I've been a member here (at the senior center) for eight years. Time flies." 

Plenty of food will be available for hungry visitors, including chili, hotdogs and popcorn as well as homemade baked goods. There'll also be crafts. If you'd like to reserve a craft table, these cost $10 to reserve. Call Madeline Gonsalves at 541-759-1019. You can drop off your donations by calling 541-294-6907. 

"We did really well last year," he said. The total came in revenue came to $2,265, including from the meals.

"It made a lot of money. And all we sold was chili and hot dogs." 

"I think she (Gonsalves) had 10 tables to rent," Stagno said. 

He gets plenty of help each year from Gayla McKinsey, Mike Thompson and others. The South Coast Business Employment Corporation pays for  food. 

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