Heather Fox

Coos County tax accounting specialist I Heather Fox has entered the treasurer's race.

COQUILLE — Don't let Heather Fox's easygoing, affable personality fool you.

The Coos County treasurer candidate may joke that everyone can't be photogenic as she searches for a picture of herself, but when it comes to matters of importance, she's open and honest and she'll let you know that.

As a tax accounting specialist I for Coos County, Fox has been monitoring candidate filings for treasurer. Finding the current candidate pool small, with questions swirling about qualifications and conflicts of interest, she said it was just the right time to step in.

“First, I don't think that Matt Rowe is qualified,” Fox said. “No financial expertise whatsoever to speak of, and secondly, Megan Simms just got promoted to finance director, and I don't think she should have those responsibilities even though Mary Barton has been doing that forever.

“With Megan stepping into that new position and having to learn that, I don't think it's right that she has to learn that much and the treasurer's duties. If nobody else is going to step up, I might as well because I've got the financial experience to back it up, I'm in the tax office already and I see what's going on.”

Born in Texas and raised primarily in Kansas, Fox moved with her family to Oregon in 2015 seeking a change of pace and a different life.

Prior to joining the county's tax office, Fox's life has been filled with a range of different financial experience.

“Right after high school, I went into income taxes, so I did income taxes seasonally until about 2010,” Fox said. “I went into newspapers, so I was an advertising sales rep, so I got some experience dealing with businesses.”

Fox even did the bookkeeping and financial and tax reporting for crop dusters while at the same time keeping the books and payroll for a local Dairy Queen.

She admits this candidacy is a first for her, but said she makes up for it in real-world experience.

“I'm a mom, I've got three kids, a husband who owns his own business, so we're financially responsible,” Fox said. “I'm a perfectionist and I like to make sure things get done. I don't lie, and I don't stretch things and make it seem like I can do things I can't.”

 Fox knows she can't hold both her current position and the treasurer's position at once. And while a win would represent a pay cut for her, it won't deter her from seeking the job.

Given her current proximity to outgoing treasurer Mary Barton, she also has a front row view of the workings of the office and what she'll need to learn to take on the new position.

While she lacks the notable endorsements and political clout her opponents may bring to the table, Fox can't help but fight back laughter because she knows it's not just about doing the job, but doing it right.

Asked if she had endorsements, “I don't aside from my husband,” Fox said. “He said he'd endorse me, but he kind of has to.”

To follow Heather Fox along her campaign, visit her website at http://heatherfoxfortreas.wix.com/fox4treasurer.

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