COOS COUNTY — Katy Eymann, an attorney from Coos County, has announced her candidacy for Coos County Commissioner No. 2 position against incumbent John Sweet in the May 15 election.

Eymann made the announcement at a noon press gathering Monday at the Coos Bay Library.

"I am running because the current County Commission is putting our economy and our lives at risk," said Eymann. "We are threatened by a foreign corporation that want to come here and destroy our safety, private property rights and the economy." 

Eymann said the proposed LNG liquified natural gas terminal to be built on the North Spit of Coos Bay would violate many of the safety standards adopted by the liquid natural gas industry.

She said the project would threaten private property rights because Eminent Domain proceedings can be used to force unwilling landowners to lose the use of their lands. She also claims LNG would endanger the areas fishing industry to to the massive dredging of the bay. She said tourism would also be affected and many of the construction jobs LNG proposes to create will be temporary and most workers would be hired from out of the area.

"The public needs to be more informed about what is going on in this county," Eymann said. "If you don't like the way government is working, than you can change it."

Eymann said if elected, she will concentrate her efforts on bolstering the county's job market, farming, fishing and tourism industries.

"We can have a county government that we're proud of and I'll work to see that we do," she said.

Eymann was initially going to run for the County Commission Seat No. 3, currently held by Melissa Cribbins. She decided she would have a better chance in the position No. 2 race because more candidates are running for that seat. The other candidates who have filed to run for position No. 2 are Dale A. Pennie, Steven Scheer and incumbent John Sweet. Cribbins has only one person running against her for the No. 3 position and that candidate is Natalie Ranker, according to the Coos County Elections office website.

Eymann has lived in Coos County for 40 years. She has worked for Coos County as a public defender.

"I saw how the Coos County justice system works up close," she said.

Eymann has also worked for Community Action, through her private practice, to help low income residents get permits for low income housing.